We've made it more than halfway through the month!

The Challenge:
Mark down what you wear each day during the month of September. This can be as simple as noting your outfit in your calendar, or as complex as creating your own spreadsheet. Taking a daily photo is useful as well. I’ll start a new discussion thread each week, but feel free to join in at any point in the month. Also, don't hesitate to start your own weekly thread for individual input!

I'm going to go into the statistical weeds a bit this week.

  • How many different items from each category have you worn so far this month?
  • What percentage of your wardrobe have you worn (or, if you keep a seasonal closet, what percentage of the items you have out right now?) If you really want to dig deep, you can figure this out by category.
  • Are there any capsules (in Angie's sense of "groups of items that serve a specific purpose") you haven't yet touched this month?
  • What about items you thought you'd be wearing, but haven't yet?

I know that not everyone wants to go this deep into analysis, so please share any other observations you've made, and feel free to ignore my questions if they're not for you!