Fashintern, you were taking about nightgowns...maybe you didn’t really mean they were cold-cold, just somewhere in the middle, but it still made me pause at how we experience temperature differently, because 50s are what I consider “comfortable” nights, after 20 years in Colorado. A lot of that has to do with low humidity though. Humidity levels under 30% result in a far wider comfort range.

Ah! I vaguely remember the comment. We are just getting to the weather when I think I'd like a flannel nightgown. Nighttime lows have been in the 50s--almost cool enough! They were great in the fall, but as I think I was whining about there, once I wanted more than one layer of flannel, they were very un-fab. What do you wear on 50 degree nights?

I almost always sleep in shorts and a tank. I adjust my bed coverings rather than my clothing.

The only adjustment I make to my clothing is wearing some when temps are in the teens or lower Nightgowns are evening attire/lounge wear for me. I can't sleep in a nightgown, or anything else, really--although my discovery last year of leggings as pjs may prove life-changing this winter!

I've definitely worn maxi dresses and skirts, little worn pants and crops and sweaters more than I expected. Sometimes the sweaters are for warmth, but often they are for upper arm coverage. Mostly I've been wearing my little worn clothing. I'm not sure what % of that is due to being tired of my summer wardrobe, what % is due to wanting to wear the unworn or little worn clothing before the season is over, and what part is due to this challenge.

I can't do percentages, it's too depressing. But I already knew before I started this challenge that I never get to wear my "real clothes." It has stopped me from shopping, though. I've worn 3 pairs of jeans this month, one of them twice. I have 8 pairs hanging in my closet (granted one of those is too big right now) and yet I was looking at jeans online. No. Just no. I don't care how updated they are, just no.

Another thing the challenge is forcing me to confront is how tricky transitional dressing is in my climate and how there are certain things that have a very very small window in which they can be worn. For instance, I have this J Crew sweatshirt dress that's probably 4 years old. It has 3/4ths sleeves and hit just above my knees. To my eye, it looks best with bare legs and sneakers/casual flats. Once I start pairing it with, say, leggings, it reads less as a dress and more like an overly long shirt. But realistically, the temperatures where I can wear bare legs with a dress that weight and not be hot or cold are maybe two weeks in May and two weeks in September. If I'm even self-tanning my legs at either of those points and feel comfortable exposing that much leg. Hence why this objectively cute, well-fitting, and comfortable dress has hardly been worn. Sigh.

As I’d predicted, I’ve reached for a big variety of items so far this month because of dramatic temperature fluctuations. I started the month in shorts, sleeveless tops, and sandals; right now I’m wearing bootcut jeans, ankle boots with socks, and a blazer over one of those sleeveless tops. I jotted down a list of 50 items which I could theoretically wear this month; I’m sure I’ve worn less than half of them. Of those, I’ve repeated about half at least once. I’ll repeat a lot of the cooler-weather items in October and even November.

I am noticing a few things which I don’t enjoy wearing as much as some others; I think I’ll be setting those aside for donation at the end of the month.

I'm realizing my wardrobe really is a lot bigger than needed. But that's not a problem per se, especially with things like t-shirts and tops where my style is quite consistent. I'll keep wearing them until they wear out. And, I've realized that a few wardrobe staples are close to being too faded to wear.

I did have to think long and hard about my jeans though. I got stuck in an 'upgrade' mentality with jeans where some just weren't quite perfect. That's also not really a problem -- as long as I recognize that I achieved my goals and it's time to stop buying jeans for a while. Jeans styles or my size change more often than the jeans wear out, if I own this many, so it's good to keep the number smaller.

Even though I was already tracking my outfits every day, this exercise has been useful because I've thought more about what I liked and didn't like. I think it's also made me more conscious about rotating through all my clothes -- with so many options, I have the 'out of sight, out of mind' problem and forget to wear some items that I still really like.

I am finally getting back with some numbers. These are for weeks 1-3. I do not have percentages. The weather has been all over the place, typical for fall. Highs most days in the 80's or low 90's and lows in the 40's- 50's. 60 would be a hot low. I agree with you. This is my favorite time for using our outdoor hot tub. Fashiontern, I adjust the bed covers not what I wear. I even have a set of sheets that are best in hot weather and a set for transitional weather. When it gets really cold, I use fleece blankets as sheets. They are so cozy and do not feel cold when getting into bed.
Anyway, numbers:
Tops: 18. From sleeveless through long sleeved. 4 were repeated twice so far
Toppers: 16. 2 have been repeated once. Most have been summer weight jackets, cardies, or ponchos. No real coats (outerwear) were used.
Pants: 14. 1 repeated 3 times, 4 repeated twice.
Skirts: 3
Dresses: 2
Shoes: 19. 4 pair repeated twice, 5 pair repeated 3 times, 1 pair got 4 outings. These were all flats with closed toes.
Bags: 8. 1X5, 1X4, 2X 3, 3X2. Most were totes, with a few smaller bags used.
I am on Team Wear for any new items that fit in with weather and activities, but am wearing them with old stuff. I like wearing at least some of an outfit using fall colors. Lots of rust , olive, browns, and grey with some navy and some mustard. I seem to alternate colorful days with neutral days. Most worn color: some shade or orange. Least worn color: pink ( but will make up for that with lots of pink in October outfits to celebrate breast cancer awareness). I would like to add olive flats and bag compliment. Real fall clothing for cooler days has still not been worn. Maybe this week.

Ah, right, my numbers for the month so far (also compiled in my weekly post):

9 jeans, 1 skirt, 1 dress
8 t-shirts*, 13 non-t-shirt tops (5 of the tees are fairly interchangeable black tees)
4 toppers**, 4 jackets
9 shoes

*This is the big surprise. In a normal month, I wear tees at least half the time. The previous month was 50% tees, and the month before was 70% tees. It goes along with surprise 2:
**In a normal month I wear cardigans at least half of the days, usually over a tee, and I'd say there are six or more in frequent rotation.

Reasons for the difference?
-trying to wear more of my 'interview' clothes, which includes more buttoned shirts
-weather has been different: either warm enough to not need a cardigan, or cool enough to let me wear a pullover all day
-I love my new Everlane jean jacket and I've been wearing it indoors instead of a cardigan some days

Joy, that was part of a conversation about what temp is chilly or cold. Jenn had the impression that I wear heavy things to bed on 50 degree nights. I don’t, but at that temp and with lows in the 40s I do find a long-sleeved, full-length flannel nightgown comfortable lounge wear. From what I recall though, they were not good winter wear, because they required so many layers to be comfortable sitting around the house. They have nothing to do with how I sleep. She has posted nice loungewear elsewear, which she could use the way I do the nightgowns, and save shorts and T she mentioned for her.

I understand, Fashiontern. I do not wear loungewear unless I am sick and especially if there are young people at home or visitors. I also have a DH who keeps the house quite cool. I can always just put on more clothes, so I don't mind. I do not like the heat turned up in winter because it dries out my skin and eyes.

Joy, I agree on turning up the heat. That’s why I add layers, which eventually gets to be too much with the nightie—I need something different.