Finishing up the challenge! Saturday through the following Sunday, to complete the month.

22nd (Sat):
(1-6) In Week 3 I ended with a travel outfit, because that weekend I traveled to join friends for a Scarlet Pimpernel theme dinner. And yes, it was very much a costume event. I wore a gown I made in copy of George Romney's portrait of "Mrs Moody." She chose to be portrayed with her puppy, so of course I had to emulate. Jewelry supplied by my friend of Dames a la Mode. Also some pictures for ambiance. It was really a wonderful event.

23rd (Sun):
(7) Traveling home. This turned out to be the perfect outfit for a long and frustrating day. There were extended delay issues, so I was stuck in Atlanta for quite a long time. I wore regular ol' navy leggings, pink ASOS mini dress, new workhorse long hoodie, and Cole Haan sneakers. I was at least completely comfortable and handled all the temperatures fine.

24th (Mon):
(8) Back to work. This was a very difficult day; I had maybe 4 hours of sleep, stressful work, and a singing commitment AT work. I already planned to fall back on this outfit because I was so happy with it the previous week. Bonus: New rose quartz earrings by Dames a la Mode.
(9-10) Choir night. So tired of pants, but when that rehearsal room is cold it's COLD. So shorts and t-shirt plus long hoodie.

25th (Tues):
(11) A particular favorite; the vibrant cobalt dress and white shrug makes me super happy. Also wearing new lapis lazuli earrings from Dames a la Mode.
(12) Lounge dress to wear for a couple hours around the house. It was a wash-and-set night.

26th (Wed):
(13) Cool, damp morning, so I tried out a new combination. Dark green dress with NAS scarf. I'm not 100% on this combination; I had an uneasy feeling all day that the scarf and the sleeve ruffles were fighting each other.
(14) It warmed up and dried out by evening!

27th (Thurs):
(15-16) Another cool day, but not damp, so I wore my hair down. It was particularly cooperative. Also a winter favorite, a Boden wool dress.
(17) Choir rehearsal again, different choir. It's always colder, so I caved to the jeans. Also another new acquisition: short Prairie Underground hoodie, in ivory. Such a shapely jacket!

28th (Fri):
(18) Dressing for a long, stressful day at work. Jeans, hoodie, and I discovered how terrific this blue and white stripe tee is with that combination. The new lapis earrings again, too.
(19) Just swapped out for shorts that evening, since I was Doing Stuff at home. Too much, it turns out...

29th (Sat):
... because a migraine headache woke me up at dark o'clock sometime Saturday morning. I did the usual - took meds and went back to sleep - but when I woke up after daybreak with a worse headache, I knew I was in for it. Fortunately it was quite a mild headache, but basically all plans were canceled for the day. I did some quality lounging in appropriate clothing; getting vertical for pictures was not a priority.

30th (Sun):
(20) Headache (almost totally) gone, and it wasn't super hot, so I tried out the new Vince Camuto giant sleeve top from NAS. It was a hit at church; I got a lot of compliments.
(21) And changing again, into home clothes. I still took it easier, but as I continued to feel better I did some cooking and a mountain of ironing.

I think I will need to write a separate conclusions post!

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