Hi All

Thanks to Jenn for running this challenge.  I haven't been terribly active and great at contributing sorry but I have been beavering away in the background.

I had a pretty casual transitional month - lots of work, not many social events, and the weather has varied from jeans and a tee weather, to wool coat and boots.  I have not pulled out my summer clothes yet but since most of my closet is transitional I have plenty of options.


  1. I have started adding my closet to finds.  I am getting there but still have a fair new to go.  
  2. I am now thinking about my closet in five sections/capsules
    • Transitional - All year (bulk of my closet)
    • True winter (May-Sept ish) - coats, boots
    • True Summer (Oct-March) - sandals, sundresses
    • Occasionwear
    • Gear/Lounge etc (won't be on finds)

  1. I don't have laundry bottlenecks and don't really need to duplicate except in rare cases (gym gear, black tops) 
  2. I wear my clothes less than I think- my culottes were worn once in September and about seven times all winter.  Getting to 30 wears takes an effort.
  3. By far my most worn pieces are shoes, bags and gear.  
    • My running shoes were worn 21/28 days and with my backup lightweight sneakers 2/28 days (which means I exercised 23/28 days in September.  I wore most of my gym pants 4-5 times in the 28 times.  I should not feel bad about expensive running shoes.  Tops to wear to and from the gym are also used a lot!!
    • My cognac bag was second with 9 wears and my navy bag was used 5 times. 
    • I wore 11 pairs of shoes (excl gear) in the month.
    • Accessories were tracked but I stopped tracking sunglasses and rings as it was too hard.
    • October will look quite different as we are on holiday for a week and I will be bringing out summer clothes and putting away winter ones.

There are a lot!!  I won't describe them all - a mix of work, weekend, a run, friends' lunch, comedy show, and a restaurant birthday dinner (not mine).

  • My favourites are 2 9 16 and 17.
  • My least favourites are 1 and 6.
  • I liked 4 and 18 until I saw the pics!!  4 was definitely better on the day and 18 was rather late at night after the comedy show.
New additions for the  month.

There are a few (see finds)

  • Camel Sportscraft trench - a second hand buy for $23
  • Cognac slouchy bag - Trademe/Ebay - second hand
  • Cream rollies - love them - so comfy!!
Thanks for reading this far if you got here.

What are your favourites?
Any suggestions.


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