Hi everyone.......Just wanted to update you all about the white Asos summer shoes. Here is where I insert long suffering sigh the shoes Angie suggested and I loved did not fit. As the days past I got more hopeful that they would. My first Impression was that they sent the wrong size. The next was oh so pretty but, I know they are not going to fit.

I was disappointed because they just look to slim for my wide foot. I had no room in the toe box or anywhere else for that matter. One pair were leather and the other pair were man made material. I did try an do the water freezer method and this stretched the leather pair a little but not to my liking. These two were the first pair I have actually liked in white that have met my requirements.

Well back to the drawing board.

P.S. The saving grace was that Asos has a free return shipping policy.

Thank you for reading.

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