I could take a medal in advance planning. I am going to SE Asia in late Nov-early Dec of this year. We are aiming to visit Southern Thailand and Cambodia for Angkor Wat (my husband's priorities, as we take turns choosing destinations).

I know it will be hot and possibly at the tail end of rainy season. We can't move the trip, as I need the two days off I have around Thanksgiving to be able to have enough days to make the trip worthwhile.

I've realized that I should make sure now that I have enough appropriate clothes, since it's now about to be peak summer shopping season in North America. I've taken stock and I think I'd like one more pair of lightweight, breathable casual pants. Please let me know if you've seen anything that fits the bill.

My activities will include walking, going to the beach and various other water activities, and maybe some hiking. I'm set on options for gear (including the Athleta pants below), bathing suits, coverups, lightweight tops (including long sleeved linen ones), shoes, shorts, and dresses.

I already have the following pants, and want to avoid duplication. The two olive pants are different, but I might not want to take both. I am clearly all set on the "jogger" silhouette, so I won't want another pair of joggers. Something white or in a fun pattern (not stripes) might fit the bill; culottes or wide legs or even harem pants might fit the bill. I don't want navy or black since I'd prefer to take lighter colors (and I have those colors covered in my wardrobe anyway). ETA - I should add that I don't like khaki/beige, which makes this search a bit harder.

PS: I realize that I might get some pants there (the famous elephant pants that lots of women get Thailand), but I suspect my size will be an issue so I don't want to count on it.

ETA - have narrowed it down to looking for light grey or light blue pants, since I'm kind of constrained on the one side by colors I already have and don't want to take, and on the other by colors I don't like.... There was some discussion of white linen pants below, and I'm interested in recs for those too, but they're not practical for the trip. They are a HEWI for me though, so I'm looking around anyway.