Amazon has several of the fisherman/Thai pants that are under the $25 mark. I lived in them when I went to India.

elpgal - thanks, that’s a good thought. Those are hard to fit on me too, so I’m trying things first where I can return in store. Amazon is on my radar if all that fails though. I used to have a pair but it shrunk.

Woven pants don’t often mix with my thighs...

Have you considered lululemon? I recently acquired these wide leg crops in black and they are great! Nice and swishy and feel more like a skirt than pants. Can be dressed up or down and would launder in hotel sink nicely. They come in black and a lighter, grayish lavender’ish color.

Good job planning so far ahead!

Thanks, greycat! I usually overlook them because my size sells out... which is the case here. But as they have stores in the city I can always check in person.

I also remembered that Old Navy might have some options, and so they do - in chambray, white and other colors. I will check them out.

I am also interested in hiking capris, since I realized that might be a good piece of gear to have. I'm more concerned about fit with those and will hold off until closer to the trip, as I should still be able to find them.

Just got back from traveling in Athleta’s Tribeca crops and they are great! Didn’t wrinkle, could dress them up or down. Breathed in 90 plus degree heat, washed them and looked great the next day. May buy another pair in the cinnamon color. Also, loved the way they moved—were not stiff and were so flattering!

I'm a longtime lurker - have only commented a few times - but having spent a ridiculous amount of time refining my carry-on only travel wardrobe I feel like this is my chance to provide some value!

I found my holy grail travel pants at Anatomie. For me, the Skyler is perfect, but there are other several other options -
The styling is neutral enough that they can be dressed up with a jacket or down with an tank top. They fold/roll to almost nothing, can easily be hand-washed in the sink and dry in about 20 minutes.

They cost more than I ever thought I would spend (especially after duty, taxes and shipment to Canada) but they have proven themselves well worth the cost after several trips.

Thanks avebabe and Karie. Those are good refs. However, neither option comes in a color I’m looking for. (I think the grey Tribeca crops are too light for my purpose since people above convinced me that a light color will get too dirty.) Yes, I’m being enormously picky but am very grateful for the help as it helps me solidify what I want. I would try either option for another occasion if I needed something in one of those colors.

Short update: the J Crew grey pants Suz posted were slightly too tight in the thigh, and only in the thigh, but nice otherwise. They are being returned.

The Madewell chambray pants haven’t come in yet but I got these Gap chambray culottes that will work if the Madewell ones don’t. These are my top choice among what I have tried.

These Old Navy ones are my second choice but look a bit like pajamas and will likely go back since I received the Gap ones.

I also got these striped J Crew pants that will only work as a beach coverup, but I don’t have coverup pants so that’s good too. They could also work with my long white linen button down covering my bottom if I step off the beach. I go on a beach vacation every year so they’re good to have even beyond this trip. And it’s the only vertically striped pant that’s ever worked on me.

I found some light orange ones from Lou and Grey that I want to at least order. It’s an unusual color for me though... yet it fits my criteria.

My verdict is that even though these were the best two options (Gap culottes and ON pants), I don’t like either enough on me to keep them. The Gap ones aren’t too flattering with the top tucked in. The ON ones look like pajamas.

I did like that fun Hawaiian top I tried on at ON for my annual family beach vacation, so I didn’t strike or completely.

The Madewell pants were, as I predicted, much too high in the rise for my body. The waistband was up near my bra. They are nice otherwise, though!

Back to the drawing board. I will order another round of options after I return all the failed ones.

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Bummer! Good on you for staying PPP. (I am taking notes.)


Bummer!! You've tried a LOT of options. Sigh....

I had an awful shopping day recently. Went thrifting and tried on a pile of stuff supposedly in my size range. 1. I have gained weight so it didn't fit. 2. It would not have fit anyway since the cuts were off in every single item I liked.


Ann Taylor has a wide- legged chambray pant right now.

ugh. so much effort will be rewarded eventually.

Sarah, Suz and bj1111 - thanks for the sympathy. I kind of like a wardrobe scavenger hunt, but this is getting tiresome.

Ryce - thanks, AT is on my list of next stops since there is a store near my office. I am trying to focus first on places where I can go to the brick and mortar or return an online order to one, since I hate dealing with mailing packages back (but I to like having an excuse for a lunch time walk). I can try LOFT and an actual Lou & Grey store, too. And I saw that Athleta has some pants in a kind of mid-toned blue; there is a store nearby as well.

Another option - I think my donation pile has a pair of linen joggers in a mid-blue. I have the same pair in black, and they were splitting wears, plus I found the mid-blue oddly hard to pair with tops in a work context. I think they will pair fine with a variety of tee shirts and casual tops, though.

I may have to rescue them from my pile if they're still there, and put them in a vacation capsule. I didn't want joggers, but will sacrifice silhouette variety to get color variety, plus I may already have these on hand. I hope they didn't already go in the donation bin.

Cristina - could you hem the joggers into a straight leg crop, to get the silhouette variety?

Good, idea Karen! If I still have them, I might just do that.

I am also going to check a few other places including Nordstrom/Rack. J Crew Factory has some options and so does Zappos, but that's for when I've exhausted brick and mortar (I can't easily get to a Factory store).

Here are two options from AT. Both are really dressier than I had hoped for, but the searches for being so difficult that I may need to adjust my expectations on that frontn both are really dressier than I had hoped for, but the search is proving so difficult that I may need to adjust my expectations on that front. I like the lighter pair as something to wear to work in the summer anyway so I may be keeping those regardless. I am less sure of how good the wide leg pair looks on me; obviously I probably need to do a styling lab since I wouldn’t wear it with this particular top. I like the idea of pants like this but styling makes or breaks them. (I would also hem them if I keep them.)That said, I'm going to create a new thread because I have a couple of other k/r questions, but feel free to answer me here too.

ETA: On reflection, I think I really don't want either for the purpose of my trip, but still want opinions on them as summer work pants, which are also hard to find for me in colors that aren't olive, navy or black.

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I like these pants on you (slight preference for the lighter pair), but I don't really think they're bumming around southeast Asia pants. Sorry to be a naysayer, I really do get how frustrating it is, signed, the girl who is about to send back ALL the solid colored tops she ordered to de-orphan her printed summer skirts.

Sarah - they really aren't! The problem I am finding, aside from my preference for colors that are hard to find at retail at the moment, is that light colors in light weight fabrics tend to cling to my thighs in a very unflattering way.

ANYWAY, I have a couple of other pairs of AT cotton crops, in black and navy. I really like their cotton crop pants, and I think the chambray color will probably be joining my work collection. Unsure about the other pair, but I agree on the SE Asia front for sure. Summer pants for work are hard to find too, so I don't feel too badly about striking out here on the trip.

Nest steps: ordered some looser linen pants on Amazon, but from off brands so the fit my be hit or miss. Those won't arrive till next week when I'm away for a work event. I'll probably also order some beach pant type options from Zappos. I wanted to avoid the bother of sending stuff back but with work taking me out of town soon, I need to order what's online before my size sells out. Many options are already gone in my size

I found the joggers in the donate pile! I can’t believe I didn’t connect them to this problem of mine sooner. I kept thinking of keeping or donating them from the context of work, not the other things they could be useful for. I’m going to put them in my new casual beach vacation capsule instead. These look navy in my horrible lighting but are really a sort of mid-blue color, close to denim.

I’ll see how the pants I ordered from amazon do, and will maybe try some from Zappos that look fun, but this search just got much less urgent.

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Yay! And I like the lighter pair of the last 2 you posted.