Did you ever admire something on some one, actually buy it, decide it's not right, return it, only to buy it later because you've finally figured out what to do with it? Well obviously this just happened to me. I saw the lovely and always chic Ummlila posted about the Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans with the button fly in black. I bought them a size up, hoping they would be relaxed skinnies. Although they fit like a dream, and were incredibly comfortable, they were jeggings on and I sent them back. I don't wear leggings as pants, and it would be ashame not to show off the button fly, sooo...goodbye. Then this fall I saw Brooklyn's post with her jeans tucked into tall boots and I mentioned on her thread that I had never sucessfully been able to tuck jeans. Too much material at the knees and ankles....so then I remembered these jeans/jeggings. They arrived yesterday and fit just as well as I remembered, with the frayed hems they fit magnificently into even my most fitted tall boots. But then I had the "aha" moment, hey, faux tuck a sweater and wear a long blazer, cute button fly exposed, butt covered and they are the perfect length for high shaft booties to showcase the frayed hems. Sometimes instinctively I respond to something that is right, but I don't know how to style it. I don't usually buy/return/buy like I did this time, I more often, buy/hold/figure it out - although it is sometimes more than a year before I really decide how to rock something. That's fine by me, but I gather that's not most fabber's norm. But Suz mentioned on a thread about rebuying a pair of booties she had passed on and I wondered if this was a rare or more common experience.