I did this with this tank. Bought it and returned it while I was traveling in San Francisco as I felt the color/fit wasn’t quite right for the skirt I was planning in, then was sad I didn’t have it when I returned home. It went on sale so I jumped on it. It came late in summer and I started traveling frantically again so I haven’t yet worn it. I hope I still love it in the spring!

Now that I think about, I need to find some higher waisted jeans. Still mostly mid rise in my closet (the ones that fit well). I’ve been too busy to look for the right pair.

Gryffin, having blonde hair and pale skin contributes for sure. So does my love for contrast and colour

Bijou - If you internet shop alot it's key, otherwise, it gets ugly. That's why I've become so fanatical about getting out anything I don't want asap. It's still a lot back or forth on the card, but that's can't be helped. Yes, I do love me my black! When everyone else goes for color, hey "more for me!!!" The great thing is just to make ourselves truly happy!
Karen - that's a great color!! And such a pretty tee!! Sometimes, and I am the prime example, things work out but not quite in the way we orginally planned. Now you have something lovely to look forward to. But I bet it would work fine under a cardi or a blazer in fall!!
Angie - yes, high contrast girl! And you do it so magically! So fun and I know how the contrast and color energizes you. Perfect!

It’s great that you found a nice pair of jeans AND a new silhouette!
I like the idea of a tucked top and loose topper for bum coverage.

I love the idea of high rise at the front, but the back view is something I’m still not used to!

Gryffin, you are SO LOVELY. Thank you. (((HUGS)))