I don’t have any pressing clothing needs, but if I get the itch for some retail therapy, I’ll hit up the charity shops before looking to retail this month.

DS#2 finished his schooling a year ago, and is doing an edit of books and other possessions as he transitions from student to working person. DH and I will be tackling the under stair storage area later this month. There’s a half bag of clothes in there that will be topped off when we both do our annual closet review in October.

I’ve always enjoyed thrifting, yard sales, and exchanges - but DH is a late adopter. The few times I had a yard sale, DH left the house for the day! About 5 years ago he accompanied me when I visited my favourite local shop. He found a deck of unopened Bridge cards identical to a set his parents had. When I made my purchase, he added the cards to the pile. There was no price on the cards, so the SA said we could have them for free. DH was chuffed, and now he’s game for ‘popping some tags’ when I do my thrift shop rounds.

Thrifters, have you had any super scores this year?

* my thrifted items for 2023 in Finds below