Hot Tamales! Y’all look exuberant & beautiful.

WOW! Love the pictures, the bags, the shoes, and the giant smiles! What a wonder shopping day - can't wait to see Anchie modeling the new looks!

This looks and sounds so fun! And so happy

Great pics! Everyone looks so fashionable! The shoe pic is so much all the shoes.

Anchie, I love the blazers! You look fab.

Fun. What a colorful bunch.

Part of me was hoping for a bar top dance !

Wow, how fun! The style quotient is off the charts!

Wow - what a wonderful and unforgettable day. The photos beautifully capture the fun, incredible style and generous spirit that makes YLF such a wonderful community of friends. Needless to say, you all look AMAZING.

These are the BEST posts and truly capture the essence of YLF! Thanks for all ROCK!

Oh how fun! The pics are great and you all looked amazing! Sounds like a really perfect day!

SOOO envious! What an amazing get-together; I wish I could have been part of it. Loved reading up on it and seeing all the wonderful pictures.

Wish I've been there!!! All trends represented-such a fab crowd!:-)

This made my day. You ladies all radiate joy and super style. A truly special event.

So late to happy to have seen it! What fantastic photos!! What a great reunion. You are all beautiful, fashionable, and FUN to the max!

Thank you for the awfully kind comments, ladies. I hope to meet all of you!

Inge and Anna, I JUST bought the CB navy windowpane pants too

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It looks like such fun! So much happiness and such great style in these photos! I so hope to one day be able to attend a ylf meetup. Please everyone show us your purchases! Anchie, you did very well indeed.

WOW! what Rachylou said about walking down the street and "owning it"! All of you look fabulous. Anchie your haul looks amazing! Definitely post photos!

Looks like people are having a good time. Anchie, sorry to pile on, but I want to see pix of you in your haul too.

Looks like an amazing time was had by all!
The Disco Nap hat is killing me.
It's got to be a reference to the Beastie Boys song, "Alright Hear This" The line is: "Eat a Scooby snack and take a disco nap / Because I'm shopping at Sears, 'cause I don't buy at the Gap . . ."

I ADORE this community. What a great meetup and such INCREDIBLE fabbers!!!

Those Anna/Angie pants are indeed incredible . I was eyeing them longingly myself the other day. But don't need another pair of pants;)

What a fabulously fun day. I so enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new, and am so inspired by everyone's thoughtful approach to fashion. Angie, thank you for organizing us and cheerleading!

I ended up with several washable marino sweaters from Banana Republic and a pair of jeans from Madewell. I also found a skirt and a pleather jacket at Anthro, and need to order them online, as they didn't have my size in store. I tried to add the skirt the below as a find, but it wasn't available in finds (the bijou plaid knit mini skirt). Also, I had hoped to buy the same blue jacket that Anchie bought, but it's not available in petites, so I guess the universe is telling me that I have enough blue in my wardrobe for now!

Inge - Thank you! This is a new color for me! And the sneakers are super cute.

Firecracker - Thank you for your offer. I did buy some jeans at Madewell, and then yesterday, but I'm always up for looking for more!

What a wonderful day!

Wow, what a FAB meet-up!

What a fabulous group of women! Meet-ups are the best.

Oh. My. Word! Your meet up looks wonderful! The photos are wonderful and the brimming with stellar style and genuine warmth and happiness. You look like you have known each other for decades! I’m so happy you all had a chance to meet up, shop and get to know each other. What a gift!

Been waiting for this post. So great to see you all so happy and having fun.

Now I wish I lived near Seattle

Thanks for the cheerleading and kind words, ladies

No worries, mate

So happy to see this post. What a great time and how fun to meet. YLF is indeed a rare community and seeing people enjoy it makes my heart sing. Plus, it all is augmented by productive and humorous shopping. Total win.