To say we had fun at the YLF gathering yesterday is an understatement. SO MUCH FABNESS, I hardly know where to begin! I don’t think pics lie, so there you go. The happiness is bouncing off the page.

Attendees: Anita (Anchie, our guest of Honour from Austria!), Anna (Annagybe), Margret (Marmee), Sharan (Firecracker), Andrea (Nuancedream), Rebekah (Rebekahphoto), Angie

The Heart: a group of fashion conscious women yakking, listening, sharing, shopping and supporting each other with ease, kindness, humour, strength, empathy and busloads of character. As many heavy conversions, as there were fun, lighthearted and frivolous ones.

Style Quotient: KILLER SIZZLING with DYOT!

Anita: Sweet, lovely, quiet and an excellent sport in her jet lagged state!

Anna: Fun, thoughtful, caring, and adorable

Rebekah: Jolly, relaxed, and warm

Andrea: Engaged, sentimental and kind

Margret: Upbeat, exuberant and earnest

Sharan: Gentle, soothing, helpful and charming

Angie: Extremely happy to be in the presence of such fabulous women

At YLF gatherings, everyone gets on as though they’ve known each other forever - but have sometimes just officially met! There is nothing but positive energy, a whole lot of good judgment, wisdom and enormous camaraderie between the attendees. It doesn’t matter whether you’re introverted, extroverted, shy, loud, quiet, or from Mars. If you’re part of the YLF community, there is an instinctive acceptance and affection that is real and quite touching. You have to attend a gathering to get what I mean. I’ve been attending for almost 14 years, and the experience creates tears of happiness all these years later. That is SPECIAL, and genuine. I'm proud.

We gathered from 8.30am to 4.30pm, and the time flew by! We ate brekkie and lunch, walked miles, and shopped up a storm in-between. We went to The Rack, Nordstrom, BR, Madewell and Anthropologie - and that's all we had time for. We didn’t get to the rest or boutiques!

Everyone bought a little or a lot. SOOOO fun! LOVE the KILLER stash.

I was focused on getting Anita a new wardrobe because she had next to nothing after losing 33 pounds. We scored at the Rack right away (pic #20), and filled in with wardrobe essentials and in-betweeners everywhere else. She was happily shopped out!

I took some pics, and although not comprehensive - showcase the authentic spirit of the day. Thank you for a wonderful time. I had a ball!