Great photos! Everyone looks like they're having so much fun!

Angie, thank you SO much for arranging the meetup, hanging out with us, shepherding us around to the stores! It was so much fun! Your photos do an amazing job of capturing the spirit of the day!

Anchie, thank you for taking time during your visit to get together with us! What fun to meet you in person and to see you find such wonderful pieces for your new wardrobe.

Marilyn, yes, those are Mother plaid pants. They looked fab on Anchie. Maybe the Rack would have them online in your size.

Nuancedream, yes, those drapey pants were gorgeous on you. They are a beautiful color for you, too. I hope you do go back and get them. They seemed made for you.

Rebekkah, the black Good American jeans were super fab on you. Wow! Somehow I missed seeing the blazer.

Marmee, if you didn't find jeans after I left yesterday, I will gladly go jeans shopping with you. Maybe you found some at Madewell??

It was great to reconnect with some and meet others for the first time. What a wonderful day. Angie, you are right, meetups are magical. You have every right to be proud of the unique community you have created here. Mwah!

And can someone explain to me "disco naps"??

Sharan, regarding disco naps: your guess is as good as mine - cracks me up.

Thanks for your soothing and sweet presence, and for being awfully gracious too.

It all looks so lovely! Feeling a bit jealous of your jolly good time and smiling looking at all the gorgeous ladies - keep rocking!

How fab is that?!?!?! It looks like you all had so much fun!

Oh Angie I also found the stripe side straight jeans online.... they both are in transit to me as I type!!

and there is a plan to add that jacket to my wardrobe! It will be a reward for meeting a personal goal

OMG - YLF gathering was all I hoped for and more - everyone so lovely and welcoming. It is really a magic of this community that you meet people for the first time, but it feels like we already know each other. I am so happy that I had this chance to attend YLF meetup after all this years reading about them.
And of course I have to thank amazing Angie for helping me shop for my new wardrobe, she was so supportive and her energy is contagious. I got 10 new items! I created custom finds for all of them and will try to model them for you when I get a chance.

Disco naps are power naps taken in the afternoon, before going out dancing for the night! Got a long night of partying ahead? Make sure to get in a disco nap!! LOVE IT!

So much fashion and fun! Very beautiful ladies indeed!

So much fabness in one spot! I always love the shoe and bag pics. I wish I could have come, but I am at DFW on my way to the Rio Grande Valley.

Thanks, ladies.

Rebekah, LOVE those tux stripe jeans for you! I love the way you reward yourself too. Rock on.

Nemosmom, now we know

Anchie, you looked KILLER in your new loot! It was a pleasure to meet and shop with you! Glad you had a fun day. Much love. xo

Squeeee! That’s some amazing footwear! And whoa, the clothes! Imagine y’all walking down the street, owning it

What a stunning group of women!! You all look sensational. And it sounds like a productive and fun day.

How wonderful! It makes me so happy to see these connections.

We did have the best collection of footwear! I overheard a sales associate comment on all the stylish-ness of our fabulous group!

What a wonderful gathering! Love the purchases that have been shared.

It was a great time!
Anchie, you’re a trooper & got some fantastic stuff.
Once again YLF meetups are the best

Brilliant all round!!

I got a little emotional reading your description, Angie! So true! That’s exactly how I experienced it when I came visit you in Seattle and met so many wonderful Fabbers (and during every other YLF Gathering I’ve had the pleasure to attend). The easy rapport between Fabbers who are meeting for the very first time (and those who have met each other before) really is exceptional and very special.

So glad everyone had such a wonderful time. You all look radiant and super stylish (of course), and love all the loot!-) The pictures make me smile big time!!

Anita - I love your cream coat and snakeskin booties! You did amazing, WOW!! Every single piece you found is perfect and has your name written all over it. I bet you are over the moon!

Anna - What excellent trousers are you wearing? Love the pattern mixing with the striped sweater. Did you get the headband?-)

Rebekah - Another fabulous pair of animal print booties (and such excellent pattern mixing with your blazer and headband)! Did you get those wonderful patterned tops? (also loving your turquoise pendant). The jeans look amazing too!

Andrea - Your polka dot trousers! And your floral bag! Swoon!-) I hope that striped sweater came home with you;-) And the red trousers: WOW!

Margret - That orangey-rust colour is beautiful on you! Very fun with the patterned top underneath.And such fun slip-on sneakers

Sharan - Those cropped wide-legged trousers look beyond amazing on you!! And the gold sneakers! (love your entire outfit!)

Angie - Radiant as ever in bright red and citron!

Inge, my outfit is from Club Monaco. Emergency purchase in Vancouver, Canada after returning from Mongolia

ETA, minus the sneakers
And funnily enough I got a compliment from a woman in my neighborhood, when I was walking home from the bus

I have been so looking forward to hearing how this lovely meet up went! Reading about it and seeing those wonderful photos has been the highlight of my day. It looks so wonderful and worthwhile! Gorgeous! Thank you YLF!

Anna - Oooh I'd seen the CM pants before in Angie's round-up but didn't realize they were the same trousers. Sooo good!! And I love that V-neck sweater on you! No wonder you got complimented! Great emergency shopping, that usually doesn't go so well for me

Wow! Just woken up rather early in Vietnam and what a treat to see these pics! You all look amazing and like you had so much fun. Yay for bag and shoe pics! My fave bag and shoes both belong to Nuancedream

*Cigarette lighter lit and waving in the air*

OK. Ever so slightly jealous. Must make one of these someday.

Oh, Nemosmom, thanks! Disco naps is definitely something to know--SO apropos of my lifestyle. [wink, haha!]
Thanks, Inge!

Love this so much! You all look like you're having a blast- and of course super stylish in your own ways

Oh. So all look fab.
One day i will make it to a YLF meet up!

Ditto to what kkards wrote!

Wow to the power of Wow! I am blown away by the killer style and killer smiles. Angie you have created an amazing community. Everyone looks fantastic and Anchie's new pieces look perfect for her. Will be happily scrolling through a few more times!