I think many on the forum find autumn dressing the most fun, and summer more challenging. I realise autumn temperatures and weather vary hugely from NZ to Australia to Wales to Scandinavia to Canada West Coast or inland, or the USA East, West, South and inbetween! Plus the many other places that forum members are from - South Africa, India and Hong Kong...

For me summer is an easy season to dress for. My natural style and liking for bold breezy pieces works well in summer. Unstyled hair and simple dresses look good.... I can wear sunglasses and hats and toenail polish - my favourite accessories.

Come Autumn I find it hard. My hair gets caught in the scarf, my scarf gets rumpled, my sweaters ride up - and all in all I feel a bit scruffy rather than natural and easy. When I take a WIW photo - it feels a bit dishevelled and the bag rucks up the coat, and there is a skin sandwich below my jeans - etc etc etc....

I believe this is because of my style as a Kibbe Natural - and a little bit of being a spring in colour theory. I have been moving away from black - yet black outfits make me feel more put together - I can't quite work out how to recreate the success I have in warmer weather.

Strategies I have tried include
- texture
- less black
- smart coat, shoes and bag (and nothing else matters)

I still don't think I have the scarf thing right.

Do you find some seasons easier than others because of your style persona?

Thanks in advance!