Even though I love me a blazer or a dramatic coat, I feel most comfortable and happy in summer colors and pared back layers.

I prefer dressing for spring and fall, when temperatures are neither very low nor very high. I love wearing light layers, and those two seasons offer lots of possibilities. Spring clothes are what I look most forward to wear. Unfortunately, where I live, spring and fall are the shortest seasons. This year, spring came very late, and summer has started early.

Summer is definitely my favorite season too! But I also love the challenge of dressing for autumn. Have you tried layering thinner scarves instead of one thick one? It could help with the hair getting caught and feeling too bulky. Just a thought!

OK, then I'm an outdoor summer cat!:-) I adore air, sun and water-and wearing whites on my bottoms- (as white near my face is not that good for me). Dressing in summer is easy and natural to me. Think dresses and skirts flatter me much better than pants and I love wearing them without hosiery and with sandals-and pretty toes.
But I do love dark colors (including black) and layering in fall and winters, too. I strugled a bit with Spring formerly as I immediatelly crave to lighten up my palette but finally succumbed to buying lighter versions of my winter darks and it was sorted out in the end.
I love wearing a bulky scarf. It can be an easy third piece and frames my face to better- but I have short thinning fine hair and a rectangular face so it probably is for compensating that. I can see how a scarf can interfere with thicker and longer hair- my long haired DD doesn't love to wear one at all but you don't HAVE to do it either, if it isn't your thing-why forcing?

I'm an outdoor summer cat too

Finally getting back to this!

L'Abeille - interesting - I think you are winter too. And yes cooler weather means more texture and opportunity. It is funny when your typical way of dressing becomes trendy - I have mixed feelings!

Lisa - you are a fall person - it comes very naturally to you - I think you have the layers and balance and it looks really good. I think fall is a great season in North America whereas the summer and winter are more extreme. I was trying to take a WIW photo of an outfit last week and totally failed - I looked messy no matter what I did. That prompted my post!

Thanks Sharan - I can understand why people like autumn - I usually do too although I am sad summer is over...

Slimcat - yay another summer lover. I agree in winter I repeat a lot too. I think like me you like the simplicity of summer fashion.

Irina - and another summer fan! I can see that in your outfits as well although I think you layer really well. I am not a total kibbe believer - but I find it helpful.

Suz - relocation with different seasons does make a difference. If I was in a super hot climate I am sure I would feel differently. Yes the black or dark puffer is ubiquitous in winter - so practical - I have one plus a work uniform black puffer vest now.... I can see that your summer style is fun for you at the moment - and pleased that the Vancouver Island climate is allowing that.

Bijou - that's a great outfit - just so vibrant and fun!

LaPed - I can relate to what you say - we must have a similar personality with dropping gloves.....I am a bit absent minded (not with things to do but with possessions). Your climate is cooler than mine - we don't get snow - and I think you live a more outdoors life whereas mine is a bit more urban. Summer is on the way!!

Jaime - haha! I think you get less cold (and rain) than me - I agree there are plenty of ways to look interesting in summer. Winter is almost here so I may as well enjoy it.

Will be back soon for more replies

I love that "indoor cat" comment. Hilarious!

I'm an outdoor kitty for sure, in all seasons, really. But mostly in summer.

Rachy - it's harder to be dark and spooky in summer but you can do it!

Sally - haha! Winter can be easy....

Suntiger I could have guessed that from your name.... I am mostly with you although I disagree on the laundry. I find summer things need a lot more washing whereas winter (aside from socks and underlayers) need a lot less...

It has taken me a while to understand the appeal of fall....but since talking to a few friends I have realised that for many fall means Thanksgiving and Halloween and the start of the school year and cooler weather (for us the weather is usually good - and there is Easter and Anzac Day as holidays - but it's not quite as joyous...

Brooklyn - liking all the seasons would be style nirvana. And I am pleased you feel like you are approaching that. A uniform is a good idea - I think it is a mix of my old style uniform not feeling right at the moment, and the editing out of a couple of tired pieces that I haven't replaced like for like. I got rid of two winter work dresses and didn't replace them, and also a black blazer which I replaced with a black tuxedo blazer (more night time). After my Outback adventure I will look for a new pair of jeans and a work dress for winter - giving me a couple more options (I leave late next week).

Janet - that makes sense for your climate!

Indigoprint - long and flowy is comforting and stylish!

Katerina - indoor cat - that's cute! Eating outside (which I love) can be tricky - too hot, too cold, too windy, bugs..... I can see why winter dressing appeals - the colours and shapes are a great fit for you.

pirouette - interesting! I didn't know that about bright colours and Ireland - but that makes sense - I think bright colours are more prevalent in hot climates. And changing weather is a challenge.

Sisi - and you are almost in summer - woo hoo!

Dee - I agree re sandals - especially with pants and skirts and dresses (haha or everything!)

Joy - your plan is good - I like it for making the more challenging seasons a bit more fun!

Miniminu - we had a wet cold spring too - it is hard! And I think outfit formulas is a good plan - one I will utlise.

Carol - you pose a very good question - because the answer is not any more! I used to but my culottes all wore out and I now only have summer ones.....that could be what I am missing. I did wear a very old turtleneck yesterday and felt good in it - it was in my ski clothes bag but it felt just right suddenly - good thoughts!

Thanks Angie - I might call on forum help in a month (I go travelling next week) to get a couple of uniforms going. And I can see how you enjoy and tweak all the seasons to work for you in a very varied climate.

Cat2 - summer for the win!

Christel - yes i concur entirely!

Roberta - interesting - I can understand that too.

Ummlila - yes you suit summer very well.

TheCat - I agree, spring can be very short and disappointing - it is so full of hope....But some things (new life, flowers) make it special.

Saira - thanks! I have a range of scarves - just most of them don't feel right at the moment. I am still wearing them but more for practical reasons than stylish ones.

Lyn - an outdoor cat....and you are right re the scarf - I have enjoyed them in the past maybe it is time for a change...

I have the hardest time with spring, because it is often short and fickle in New England. My seasonal color is more Deep Winter, and the spring pastels don’t suit me either. But I enjoy the warming weather and prepping the garden and all that spring brings.

This is a hard question…I like all the seasons except that tail end of winter, which is always too darn long.
Summer was hard until I got together a uniform of long shorts and capris, tanks, and buttondowns, and got the colours brighter and harmonious so they are fun to match up differently and wear. Now it is a breeze. All cheap as chips, really, and all cotton and replicated so can wash the sweat out of them without bottlenecks. It is 100 degrees here on the regular.
My winter uniform is similar, really, heavy jeans or joggers, long sleeved tops, with a vest or sweatshirt on top. Scarves.
Where I suck, after years of changing body and locations, is formal type wear of any kind. Need a uniform for that that spans the seasons.

Sal, I'm impressed with how you've responded to every comment with such thoughtful kindness. You rock!

Hope the family, and Dad especially had an awesome trip

Sal, I, too, am impressed that you spend time to show all of us thoughtful kindness.