I have been thinking about how I find it easy to find summer clothes that I like, that fit and flatter - and I have to stop myself buying. For winter, I struggle away and don’t get excited by the items, what I find is either the wrong colour, or shape and I end up with a very lean winter closet.

Now I can wear transitional clothes often as our climate is pretty temperate. So I do have options. But I currently own three sweaters total. None are very warm. I have one wool knit short sleeve jacket as well plus casual hoodies. I own three pairs of jeans total and two pairs of work pants. In contrast I have about 8 lovely summer dresses!

I can’t seem to translate my summer style to winter.... or can I? In winter patterns are harder to find ( I am not particularly plaid or animal print biased). And I am not a great layerer - I rely on simple shapes with pattern.

Where am I going with this thread?

Di you find it easier to dress in a way you love in summer or winter?

Do you feel your style is consistent all year?

How could I translate my summer successes into winter ones?

Interested in your thoughts either how you manage this or ideas you have.