Sorry to hear of your rubbishy week, Sal! Sending virtual hugs xx

Thanks NemosMum! I am fine - our end of year gets very hectic with holidays and work and end of school. Throw in a higher emotional state due to Mum not being here at Christmas and a challenging work conundrum and the week was a bit too much.

Onwards and upwards though!

Sal, I am sorry about all the stress you feel, and about the loss of your mother. My heart goes out to you.

Regarding your winter style, I think you have got some good advice in this thread. However, I would like to add a few suggestions: How about getting some long-sleeved solid crewneck or V-pullovers that you could use as tops in winter and perhaps in spring and fall, too? If you don't like bulky layers, you could just wear a cami underneath. But of course, if it is really cold, you could add a topper like a blazer or cardigan. Items like scarves and necklaces are easy to wear on solid pullovers and can offer some variety from day to day. And consider looking for a printed skirt and/or printed trousers. The print could be floral, geometrical, abstract or anything else you prefer.

Of course, you don't need to dress in all black or navy just because it's winter. We have seen you looking great in colours like camel/toffee, red/coral and blue/aqua. You probably have additional "happy colours." Try to include at least one of your favourite colours in each outfit, for example in a print, a top, or a scarf. They can help to lift your spirits--often particular important in winter.

Personally, I have felt that my winter wardrobe was becoming too neutral/dark and included too many heavy/bulky items. So last winter, I added a few non-neutral toppers--among them are three long (sleek) cardigans that are wonderfully comfortable, spark joy colourwise and can be dressed up or down and used for virtually all my activities. (They are, for instance, easy to wear with a column of colour in any neutral shade. ) This season, I decided to let some heavy/bulky winter items go and to add more thin wool underwear instead. I feel quite happy with these adjustments. By the way, making sure I have some non-neutral footwear is essential to my style all year round.

Thanks The Cat. Your kind words are appreciated.

I particularly agree with non-neutral shoes (I currently don't have any for winter) and warm slim fit layers. And colour.....

My thoughts in summary are:
- Add a couple of merino or similar quality sweaters that can be layered under blazers and coats
- consider some patterned bottoms (at least one)
- the right midi dress addition could be useful
- some non neutral shoes (I have been thinking of red for a while)
- I need a denim update
- Texture is important

Colour can be tricky as while I enjoy some black - I do want to lean into caramel, teal, navy with touches of black and winter white and red and blush. It sounds disparate but I do like colour. Touches might mean only one or two things - I found with a blush jacket and scarf I could lighten up lots of outfits.

I also need to get realistic that I need to put summer shopping on the backburner and spend the majority of my budget on transitional and winter clothes. Winter does not mean for snowy conditions but for cool windy rainy or bleak days which are common.

Thanks for all the great advice, Going to favourite this for February when I start thinking about winter fashions.

Great plan, Sal. Sounds like you are on the right track.