What are your signature accessories? I’ve been thinking about mine and trying a few things.

Some years ago my signature accessories were square silk scarves. I liked them with my white shirts and with plain sweaters. I stopped wearing them, they lost the appeal and looked too classic for a while. Of course I kept them all, they are beautiful and of an excellent quality. This year I’m wearing the smallest ones with sweaters but only occasionally.
Next, I thought maybe statement earrings will work for me. I ordered some from Etsy and also a few stone bracelets. The verdict: it’s fun and I will wear it but… too fun, not exactly me, it’s just playing with things, IYKWIM.
I’m still loyal to my pearls. I’m planning to lean more into it but in minimal way, I like to add them to my casual outfits or under crew neck sweaters. Faux pearls are also not my thing, mine are not expensive but real.
What else? Color glasses are definitely not me, I adore them on others. Shoes are problematic.
I’m thinking about bags. I’ve become a bag lady it is a departure from my practical self.
Do you have signature accessories and what do you think about it?