We’ve had very warm and humid weather through most of September
(like what is normal for July) which has made it very difficult to think about
fall, but it’s about to break and I’m now getting back to thinking about  styling my new Nutmeg fall coat. I’m thinking
about dark blue, light blue, browns.

 - I just found a really cute navy cross body that will work well with this coat and jeans.  

- I am also looking at scarves. I have two long rectangular ones in light blue cashmere and light blue merino that will work well although they might be too “bundled up” a look for fall (no finds),  and the red/rust/animal print one shown , which I'd pair with a black or cognac bag. I’m also loving the brown BP one which Inge suggested as part of a brown capsule.   I’d love to find a plaid scarf in rust/navy/light blue, which would also work with the navy bag.  I don’t know how much I’ll wear this coat, at best it will be a workhorse for about 2 months, but any colors I can imagine going with it will work well with the rest of my wardrobe so I’m considering getting more than one new scarf. 

     If anyone runs across a rust/navy/light blue plaid scarf or any other scarf you think would look good with this coat, I’d love to hear
    about it! I’d prefer something in an average size, not one of those over sized blanket scarves which would be too big for the look I want.

     Also note that Bridgie mentioned this same coat on her posting “what to wear shopping”, and some scarf ideas were posted there.