I do most of my shopping online, a lot by choice because I like Nordie's and their closest store is in Charlotte about an hour from where I now live. I order and return a lot but I guess the biggest snag with that has just happened since NAS. Just giving you a few details here that may help you relate to what I am trying to do. During NAS I bought the Nutmeg Kenneth Cole lightweight coat with knit sleeves, after trying 3 different sizes and a lot of agonizing. Chris bought the same coat and posted pics of it. You have probably never known anyone who is trying to find something to wear under a coat. Well, now you have--meet me.

A lot of the top I wear will be visible when I have the coat on and if it is not buttoned, then, of course so will the skirt , and I want the top and bottom to be able to stand alone when I pull the coat off. And want to look chic.

None of the tops I have ordered have been a good color to go with the coat, and I have not yet ordered a skirt. (I don't have any skirts, but am thinking I would like to have a leather, faux leather, suede, faux suede a patterned with some nutmeg in it or animal print and a top that goes well with the skirt or maybe even a dress.

My granddaughter has asked me to go to Charlotte with her tomorrow. She will be doing real serious shopping, a dress to wear to her cousin's wedding. She usually helps me shop but this time I don't think she will have time to help me so we are going to split and shop separately. She will be shopping at many other stores as well as Nordies. I have items as mentioned above I was getting ready to return by mail, but now---well, here is the picture, I will be taking those four items either in a Talbots shopping bag or could put them in one of the boxes they were mailed to me in. I am going to call tomorrow and ask if they have the coat in stock there because if they don't I will have to take my coat to assure I am getting something that works O.K. I have at least one more item I will take with me, and keep if I don't find something else or return it later on tomorrow if I do find something. At the top of the list is receipts for everything.

Now, back to my question: what should I wear? It will be hot , predicted 89 degrees. Any comments on anything I wrote about will be appreciated and most welcome. Thank you.