Those are fantastic, Jenn! My first big boot purchase was from Miz Mooz, and I never regretted it. These look perfect for you.


Sooooo perfectly JENN

Miz Mooz for the win! Now what are you going to do with the $100 you saved by not buying the as98s? <gr>

nemosmom, yes! I really wanted something in olive, because it's softer than black, but still a little edgy.

JenniNZ, thanks, I'll take that look!

Ginger, that's good to hear!

Angie, you know how you sometimes pick up items and they immediately feel like they belong to you? I felt that way about these sandals. They looked like something I should own already.

DonnaF, very good question! Hmm...

Jenn, I GET IT! It's extra fab when we make those purchases. Enjoy