suntiger, I've never heard of that brand! I looked at their website and it looks like they have mostly slides.

JAileen, good to know! I shouldn't have assumed! Do you have to grip them with your toes like other backless shoes, or does the second strap hold them on?

Well, it might be warm enough to wear them this week, so I’ll let you know. My friend who loves them has very fussy feet. Mine are not fussy except for that pinkie toe I’ve broken. I like that these won’t touch it at all.

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LOL. Days in the low 60s are our "cold" days right now. It is really another world.

Hi Jenn! If you happen to be a size 9 & are interested in the Eileen fisher sandals I have an all black pair I can send to you worn maybe 3 times?--I think they are the spree sport

I can’t wear Birks either! It feels like they have lumps in all the wrong places. LOL

If you are considering the EF I went up half a size - they are a close fitting shoe. My straps stretched out and are perfect now. The base is good but I could not be any smaller or narrower.

Hmm, Sal. I wonder if sizing up a full size would be too much? I'm a 10, and they don't do a 10.5.

Janet, I'm glad it's not just me!

Rebekah, dang, I'm a 10.

I like the black bedstus the best.

I love the olive AS 98s for you. And a direct replacement of the Bed Stu that I always admire on you.
And I think you could use two or three more pairs. You've had such great suggestions here; I especially like Suz's collection. The Sorels stand out to me--such a cool look, and different from what you have already.
I have the Mephistos that Suz shows, and I like them. And I'm coveting a pair like the ones JAileen showed you (in a different colorway); I tried them on last year and couldn't justify another pair of sandals for myself. I have a pair of Birkenstocks and like them (the ones in Finds--they are a slide, but feel secure to me), but I much prefer the Mephistos and agree they are a very different feel.
I have the Danskos below in Finds, and they are super comfy. They come in different colors. I like that they don't have a traditional Dansko look.
A pair of Naots that I've had my eye on for a couple of years is the Begonia, which I could see you wearing. I haven't seen or tried them in person. Naots have been one of my favorite shoe brands for comfort; their variety of footbeds fit quite differently, though, so one style is not necessarily like the next.
Gosh, I wish I had your sandal climate! I like sandals way more than I have the opportunity to wear them in Seattle. I hear you about flipping the boots and sandals ratios.

smittie, Bed Stus are a slam dunk for me, too. My boots and sandals from them have been the most comfortable shoes I own and garner constant compliments.

Firecracker, those Naots are so cool. I think I have an affinity for Israeli style. Maybe I'm just influenced by shevia though

I really like your bed stu sotos--great modern vibe!

im keeping an eye on this thread as Im always looking for a good shoe rec.

Have you checked out the sorels? My co-worker had the Ella Cris cross and loves them! some pretty metallics, and a barely-there look. I wish I could wear them---I used to be able to and now my feet want more cushion...its funny because birks used to be too much for my arches, and then BAM--they were great! Now its all Birks and Eccos for me.

Jenn, I 100% sympathise with loving boots and living in the climate for sandals. However, in real heat, your feet will be happier in sandals. I like gladiator sandals, they have the vibe of a boot with the comfort factor of a sandal. my favourite gold gladiator wore out this summer and I am on a quest to replace them.

Here are the Mephistos on. The top leather is a little stiff, and around my big toe may take a little breaking in, but the sole feels wonderful. I wear size 10 and these are 41. They feel right. They don’t require effort to keep on, probably because of the cross strap.

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rebekah, I'll have a look at the Sorel. In the past, I haven't found anything with a toe loop comfortable (dang, I never realized how picky I was about sandal styles). I'm trying to broaden my horizons.

Bijou, you got it exactly. I'm always attracted to the sandals that have the vibe of a boot, but are a bit more open. And since I live in the city, a little bit more coverage won't go amiss most days. The streets are dirty!

JAileen, those straps are so pretty!

One of my BF's is the rep for Olukai - and they have really great quality sandals and some interesting /different styles you may like. I'm always admiring my friend's sandals...

Angie, thank you for that recommendation! I had been drooling over the Miz Mooz Finney and Fallon in the Sundance (I think) catalog, but it didn't have brand info and I'd made a mental note to do some research. Now I don't have to! The Miz Mooz site says they're based in New York and manufactured in Europe, and I'm happy with the sustainability info I'm finding on them.

LisaP, Olukai looks like they have mostly slides, but I'm happy to add them to my brand repertoire because I'm seeing some great stuff on their site.

Also found these from Sorel (they come in black too). Similar to the Eileen Fishers, but I have some worries about those fitting.

yeah Im not sure about the toe loop either--but Ill let you know as I ended up ordering those! haha--the amazing price was crazy like $35---

Jenn, we met the Miz Mooz team 10 years ago in NYC! Read this:

Angie, aha! That explains the Israel connection! Makes sense from a style perspective too, because I (correctly or incorrectly, I’m not sure) associate funky, RATE, leather sandals with Israeli street style. I love that it’s such a small team and it sounds like they keep their manufacturers close too.

I’m thinking I have room for at least two, and possibly three new pairs of sandals this year. It will be an embarrassment of riches!


After some thought, I decided to order a pair of olive suede Miz Mooz sandals. They were about $100 less than the as98s with a similar vibe.

They arrived today and I love them. My husband said, “they look fashion-y, but also post-apocalyptic, which seems appropriate for the times.”

I’m probably going to add at least one more pair of sandals this summer, something with less coverage, but these are a good start.

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Love the olive Miz Mooz on you. I’m a big fan of their sandals ... I have 3 different styles.

Those look great on you. Nice choice. And I agree with your husband!

Those are great for you! Fab choice.

Last summer I bought a couple pair of EF espadrilles. They are summer shoes but not sandals, although I think this year there is a more open toe version. Be sure you have something comfortable and appropriate for Disneyland or other theme parks.

Oh wow - these are perfect - such a great colour combination, they will work with everything! Fashion and comfort combined they look amazing with your dress.

Thanks all! Joy, I was looking at the EF espadrilles, but I can't quite decide if it's a style for me or not. I'm leery of EF shoes in general, though, because I fell in between sizes for the two pairs I've tried on. I'm afraid their sizing just might not work for me.

Bijou, I had to search a bit to find the olive ones in stock anywhere. I finally ordered them from QVC, which is not somewhere I normally shop.

The Miz Mooz in olive are perfect! Great with your summer black and rust, too!

Great colour for you! Your husband is right. To me they look like something Sarah Connor in Terminator would have worn during her Mexican exile!