I've been doing some reading up on behavioral economics for work, and there is a concept called "Value Attribution" that makes me think a lot about my fashion purchasing - and especially sale goggles, which I am very prone to wear. Basically, the idea is that "when we encounter a new object, person, or situation, the value we assign to it shapes our further perception of it." Research shows specifically that we de-value those things we get at a discount, even if it was originally a high-priced item.

For me, this relates to the ease with which I purge from my closet. Most of my clothing items were bought at a discount, and it's quite possible (likely) that unconsciously I treat them as having less value as a result.

Conversely, when I think about some of my most beloved purchases over the past year -- ones I can't imagine purging -- they tend to be not only full-priced items, but higher priced ones to boot. (See pics below.)

It's intuitive, really: pay more, value more. But it's the pay less / purge easily party of the equation that has me thinking. In order to build a really tight and lasting wardrobe, I probably need to do less of the discount buying.

Any thoughts on this?