I do love your palette inspiration photos and the resulting outfits. So sorry to learn you are in lockdown, though.

What a stunning palette -- and it just seems so "you". That skirt is totally killer.

That pallet is stunning on you and definitely is perfect for autumn. What a sweet doggie.

Stunning palette and style here. I think you must be the best dressed person in Sydney! I am pleased you can see your Mum and the pets can play together.

And triple ombré hair is very you…..

Thanks everyone! I felt ok yesterday but I’m depressed today, so your comments are therapeutic. I know most of you have been through the same or worse with Covid. Our numbers continue to rise despite a hard lockdown. And it’s not looking good for our southern state of Victoria either, which is in its 6th lockdown (at least this is only our second). I really feel for them. I’ve got to stop watching/reading too much news. Can’t take Covid plus Afghanistan.

Pets are such a great consolation. I would have cats too if my husband wasn’t allergic to them. It’s so lovely seeing Jolie and Ms B together. Ms B is besotted with all cats.

I'm sorry you (and Australia) are having such a hard time of it. Please keep the faith!

I love, love, love this outfit and color palette. You look absolutely fantastic.

Gorgeous. I'm rethinking shades of brown and your outfit is an inspiration.

So sorry to hear about the depression. Isn’t it ironic that the things that can help deal with it—slowing down, reducing schedule, chilling at home—can feel so negative when they’re foisted upon us? Take care of yourself—I hope this passes soon.

Brooklyn, I hear you. It's all soooooo hard, disappointing, and saddening. Hang in there. xo

I absolutely love this palette and outfit, plus the idea of a nice dress up meal with your mom. I don’t think I have responded to many of your posts but trust that I always admire your style very much!

You really do have the best palette!

All I can say is… the Zombie Apocalypse is *interesting*…

Oh Brooklyn the picture of Ms B and Jolie almost made me forget how fabulous you look - but not quite! I just love everything about this - color, pattern, accessories, boots, ring! are all incredible but the whole adds up to more than the parts. Glad you can visit your Mother too!

Thanks everyone, for the comments and the commiserations. These are tough, uncertain times.

Rachy, the Zombie Apocalypse isn’t unfolding quite how I imagined. I don’t remember toilet paper being the currency of choice in The Walking Dead.

The news is heavy and hard. Lockdowns and rising cases make it all feel so much worse…. Hopefully with your spring around the corner there will be some reprieve.

You look great (as always) and I had comment about how brilliant I think your palette is. How do you find your inspiration to create these color combinations?

Are you having TP shortages again?

Yep when we had our zombie apocalypse thread a couple years ago I thought it was just for fun...now here we are :/

Sorry you are in lockdown but at least your style has not suffered. You look as fab as ever. Are those warm rusts and burgundies ever your colors!! Love the the animals can hang together in their bubble! Oreo and Davey (kitty) have been in lockdown for eight years and they still maintain 6' social distance!

KG, that made me smile!

ST, no TP shortages this time but there was still a run on them when the lockdown started, which they managed with purchase limits. I remember that thread too. I think I would rather fight zombies than fight for TP at the supermarket.

NM, I’m right into analogous, low contrast colour combinations at the moment. Here I think I just took my cue from the skirt colours.

Love your autumnal palette (and yor lovely pets, too:-))-richest earthy fabness! And love the new skirt-you always manage to blend new and old so well- making the older things look the newest, too!

Beautiful outfit, you look just fantastic.

Anything that we can do to lift our spirits right now, and especially the spirits of those who are elderly or live alone, is really critical so carry on. Look forward to seeing more outfits.

Kitty and puppy - total sweetness!

Your looks always slay, Brooklyn. Take joy in that! I think limiting news intake to just-necessary is fully justified: "The world is [indeed] too much with us." ~ Wordsworth