Angie, I have ordered the KM skirt too. I am a lemming! Very happily I must add.

I’m excited for my lovely parcels to be delivered. Thank you for the inspiration.

I’m guessing the skirt will be long on me, so shortening will be needed, but that is fine!

Swoon! Total Angie, 2019. Makes me smile to see your happiness factor so high.

It looks so good with that skirt!

JP, would love to help you style that lovely skirt.

Jane, YAY. I hope the KM skirt works as is because I don't think you can hem a sunray pleat. But try anyway, and I'm excited to be your twin

Jenn and Eliza, you're so nice.

My week has been insane. Cant believe i missed this post, but just had to comment. GASPP! I am absolutely gaga for this outsit!!! You look incredible and I cant believe how perfect the color palet is and how all the items go sooooo well together.

And your hair style is so fun and sassy!!

You are awfully gracious. Thank you.