Wow, what a fabulous colour match! Those pieces look like they could all be part of the same collection (an Angie Signature line, anyone?).

Angie, it looks really super! I am so looking forward to my new jacket coming!

Pretty perfect match with the skirt -killer outfit ! Great 80’s vibe to your hair too- thanks for the updated pics

Gorgeous spring colors! And you guys are making me want one of those jackets....

I adore the matchy colours. And pretty hair!

A nice cousin for your denim jackets!

YLF! YLF!!! Did I mention YLF?! Angie, your chore jacket and flowy skirt are gorgeous! Sooo pretty! I am glad you showed your hair cut.......ultra fabulous! Great wave, style, softness and some structure. I love the contrast between the soft wavy front and the short cut back.

Gorgeous jacket and hair. The colours of the outfit are so flattering.

Lovely! I envy your knack for picking up items that work so well in your wardrobe.

The specs, the hair , the skirt, the sweater, the pretty shoes and your new jacket. Stunning ...and Angie 100%

A perfect outfit, With the prettiest chore jacket. I love your new hairstyle, so fresh and fabulous.

Wow, indeed! Your outfit suits you perfectly in every way! I bet you turned heads wearing it today. Your growing-out ‘do’ is beautiful.

I love it! The jacket looks like it was made for that skirt.

You look glamourous. Your adorable hair! The colors! The proportions of jacket and skirt! Does Sam have a collar to match the new jacket yet?

Oh your hair! Love! Mine is similar but the short part is a bit longer. I think. I haven't looked in a month!
And the chore jacket - YAY! Worth the wait! And matches your skirt so beautifully. Two of my favorite Angie picks on Angie with matching hair. I swoon !

I will add , that I did not miss the pearl bracelet , necklace and ring. Your attention to detail here is superb and is well noted ....just sayin:)

Oh, nice to see the back of your hair — it’s quite short! Very nicely done.

That jacket could not be more perfect with that outfit. You look gorgeous!

Delicious candy colors.

Oooh, I love how your specs work with the rest of the colors in the outfit! Those colors are so happy looking, and they look great on you!

Thanks for the pic of the back of your hair. That is one amazing 'do! I wish my hair could do that.

This outfit is my all-time favorite! The pattern on the skirt has such a dramatic whoosh to it.

So fun and matchy!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Angie! Ah-mazingly gorgelicious!!!!:-) I thought a denim jacket cannot be beaten up, but now as I see it on you, I want me one, too(a chore jacket)! Beautiful styled outfit in a very springy crisp and feminine soft colorway, love the wavy fringe, too!!!!!

Wow wow wow! What a delightful spring look! I love the structure of your jacket with the skirt! The crisp pleats look edgy, but still pretty. This is a slam dunk! Your hair is looking fab!

Wow I love this on you! It's like a denim jacket but a little less expected. The pink color is perfect.

So beautiful! Everything looks fantastic together. I am such a coat junkie - it is a blessing that this one is sold out! Must not buy....must not buy....

Oooh! I love that on you, Angie. Gorgeous trapeze shape. It's much better looking on you, with your outfit, than as styled in the stock pic! (No surprise there). Especially great with the skirt.

Thank you for those side/back shots of your fab hair! I love it from all angles.

You are a master of creating symphonies in color, shape, texture and mood in your outfits. I adore this jacket on you and the entire outfit. I can see why the jacket would be a workhorse, too. Casual-crisp and in a gorgeous, versatile color and perfect fit.

That is perfect! Now I “need” one too...

WOW. You're all soooooo nice! Thank you for the awfully kind words. You made me smile

Hope others try the chore jacket too.

Taylor, good eye, and thanks for noticing. I don't wear a lot of jewellery, but what I wear is real and custom-made: pearl ring, bracelets and necklace. I love my pieces and wear them with great joy daily. Matchy-matchy and all!

Beautiful outfit! I love the skirt and your chore jacket, they look great on you. Both items that I'm not sure I can wear. I had a similar trapeze jacket in beige that didn't look good on me, I guess not for my body type, so I gave it away. I bought a pleated skirt recently that I keep trying on to see if my eye will get used to it. Maybe I should post it in the forum and ask for help.