I've been updating my jeans capsule over the last few months and have gotten myself a few more pairs of high-rise jeans. I like the freshness of the look, and the higher rises seem to work well for tucking shirts, because there seems to be less material to poof out at the waistband. My wardrobe is probably two-thirds high-rise jeans, with the rest low- or mid-rise.

I do occasionally still like the look of lower-rise jeans. I like the proportions they create (I'm short waisted), and they can have a boho vibe. So they can be a look in their own right. I'm hoping to find a couple pairs of mid- or low-rise jeans to add to my capsule so that I continue to have a variety of rises represented.

How about you? Are you planning to ditch low- and mid-rise completely? Or are you going to keep a variety of rises in your closet?