Hi all, I've bought hardly anything this year, and haven't been very active here on YLF, but wanted to get your opinion on  my trying out ultra high rise jeans and also your experience in them, for those that have tried them (I know nuancedream has some, not sure of others)

I've been trying our Levis ribcase jeans in a few styles and  also a much cheaper Australian brand (ribcage wide legs seem sold out in Aust)


  1. Which one looks best/ are any worth getting at all? I have an opinion but I'll hold that now? Do NOT take into account length- I can hem.
  2. Is it worth paying the extra cost to get Levi jeans?
  3. If you have ribcage jeans  what's been your experience with them

Photos shortly...
ETA Not so shortly - trying to work out how to convert my photos which are heic images.  Anyway you can still answer 2 and 3!

ETA - have now posted photos further down the thread.