Angie’s post today had me looking back on the style goals I wrote in January

1. Continue using the 5-piece French system, with two annual purchasing seasons, focusing on supporting brands that match my lifestyle and values.

I haven’t been as strict with the five-piece system, but I’ve bought mostly essentials, and chosen sustainable brands more often than ever in the past.

2. Keep my mid-year relocation plans in mind when purchasing. Different climate will mean different needs.

I’ve limited my buying to items that work for hot to mild weather. This will be harder once autumn clothing starts returning, as that’s my favorite fashion season. I plan to skip NAS this year.

3. Create a theme-park capsule. Festive, hard-wearing, and unfussy.

Just about there! Headed to Disneyland tomorrow for the third time this year, and had no trouble picking an appropriate outfit.
4. Create a new work-at-home uniform. Also unfussy, easily washable, and hard-wearing, but a bit more artsy and creatively inspiring.

I added a jumpsuit for this purpose, and it’s serving me well.

5. Keep my wardrobe roughly the same size. I have plenty, but things do wear out or fall out of favor. One-in, one-out is my friend.

My wardrobe has gotten a bit smaller, and I feel great about that.

2019 additions below.