I always shop/refresh very early in the new season, and will wait months before I can wear a new piece if I need the weather to co-operate. I usually stop shopping mid season and am not enticed by sales. This strategy works for me - although it might not work for you.

I KEPT Finds #1 to #7:

  • COS Cropped Watermelon Pullover : (Not as pink in person). LUXE and stunning. Spring cashmere makes a lot of sense in Seattle and Salt Lake City.
  • COS welded ink blue silk knit polo shirt pullover. LUXE and delicate. Gorgeous with skirts too. Love it with my pearls. Peppy '80s Fabness.
  • Boden Cropped Straights Jeans in tomato red. DELICIOUS colour and fabric. Not too tight. Not calf-sucking. Needs waist and hip alteration so that's where they are now. Amazing with the COS watermelon pullover and white boots. VERY excited to wear the combo!
  • Boden Cobalt Jersey Midi. Super soft, extremely comfortable, very flattering on a range of body types, and easy to maintain. Lightweight get covered, and drapes like a dream. Nice skirt swoosh too. There’s a V-neck at the back, so make sure you’re okay with that. It’s high enough to cover the bra strap.It’s shorter on me than on the model but still very midi. I’m going to wear it with white and blush pink footwear and bag, and throw in a blush pink scarf for sun protection when I’m walking in blazing heat. (Comes in other patterns and colours).
  • BR simple body con layering tops in red and pink: Not quite as good as last year's version, but good enough.
  • (ETA): Treasure & Bond Cropped Sweater in Yellow: I HOPE the quality lasts. It's great at the moment, and works with a slew of bottoms, and hopefully with the new KM skirt!

*I can wear everything accept the dress right away.

RETURNED Finds #7 -14

  • Ralph Lauren Red Pants: Itchy and not well made. Ridiculous for $268!
  • Boden Cuffed Wide Crops: DIVINE, but sized out in the smallest size and too big to alter.
  • BR High Rise Wide Legs: So fun with my big white sneakers! Quite nice fabric. But sized out in the smallest size and too big to alter.
  • Habitual Convertible Jeans: I can't sit in them with the cuffs fastened. Funny leg fit. How did that pass QA?
  • AG Straight Leg Jeans: Too simple and soft. I like hard denim with bells and whistles. Lovely though, if that's your thing. Great on a curvier body.
  • Boden Kathrine Midi Dress: The green looks dull against my skin tone. Too muted, and too big to alter. Very pretty and romantic though.
  • Line & Dot Neon Sweater: I LOVE THIS. It fits perfectly and looks delicious. Gorgeous quality and just my colour. But I can't layer the voluminous sleeves under my coats/jackets, and I need to layer unless it's a Summer top. Why am I so practical....
  • AFRM Bias-Cut Skirt: Horrible fabric. Schmutters.

Hope that helps. xo