As the snow just stopped falling here in New England this
Christmas day, (so pretty!) I’m trying out boots. I first posted about this here: and want to thank everyone for the great suggestions.

I want walk-all-day waterproof winter boots with a grippy sole, good support, and some warmth although I also expect to wear wool socks with them. Ankle or mid-calf height, not tall boots. Something that is NOT a sporty look because I’m already covered for those. Expected to go with flat heels but gave a few low-but-not- ones a try too.

Blondo is a new brand for me. Well made, comfortable, waterproof, and very attractive to my eye. Interestingly, the styles I tried did NOT fit the same way. The toe shapes and overall width of the boots are slightly different, even though they were all exactly the same size. These differences are really hard to spot in the online photos, an are NOT represented in the descriptions.

Ida - I could tell right away that the 1-1/2" heel was a bit too high for all day walking for me, so I eliminated them right away. I don’t have fussy feet per se, but more and more heels of any height seem to throw my hip and lower back joints out of alignment just a tiny bit, which I do NOT like, it feels like a mistake. I also think flat heels are much better for

Liam – 1- 1/4 ” heel. these are almost perfect, and in addition to meeting my goal listed above, they would fit my wish list goal of replacing the one pair of old winter ankle boots I have that work with dresses. The flat heel is perfect, the shape is nice. However, I can
feel my big toes crowding up against the front of the boot ever so slightly. This is a deal breaker, I’ve made that mistake before. The overall fit is so good that sizing up would make for a very loose heel which is another fit issues I know I cannot fix with inserts on my feet.

Villa – 1 ¾ heel is also too high. But they do not crowd my toes. They are a tiny bit wider than the Liam overall, so the fit is better. If the heel were lower I’d keep these and do an insert to tighten them up.

Tula – so far these are the winners. Love the style, it’s definitely a step up for me in terms of winter outdoor boots. The toe box is roomy, good for warm socks although not super thick ones, and my toes can wiggle around a bit. The boot shaft is not as roomy as I'd like for tucking in pants but I think it will work. The straps/buckles look great uncovered, and I also think I could wear longer straight leg pants down over the straps/buckles. I’m wearing them around the house now and experimenting with different widths of pant legs.

I’ve also decided not to keep the Kodiak Acadia, although If you like this style I’d highly recommend you try them. Really comfy, warm, nicely made etc. The upper area is nubuck which makes them a little more interesting than plain leather overall…

I've decided that IF I go for a second pair after the Blondo Tulas it will
be a style like the Blondo Liam, that can be worn with dresses or pants.

I’ve also decided to pass on La Canadians and Aquatila for now, although I have looked at them and the quality sure is terrific.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year to all!