I’m going to NYC for a long weekend in January and need to find a replacement for my Ugg boots. I want boots that are waterproof (or can be made so), leather not cloth, have good arch support for all-day walking or room for an orthotic insole (I probably want a “comfort” brand), ankle or mid-shin height, low heels, lace up because that gives me the best fit on my low-volume feet, have a lug sole good in ice/snow, and somewhat warm (I don’t mind wearing thick wool socks). I’d love to find a “fashion” look, and ok with a somewhat sporty look, but do not want a hiking boot or another pair that looks like the uggs. I’m also not a big fan of the high top sneaker look although I know many fabbers like it.

My ugg boots met all these goals except the non-slip sole for the first three years I had them, then a year ago when I walked for 10 or 12 hours one day in London they were not longer supportive and I ended up with plantar fasciitis for the fist time ever. I put heel inserts in them and still wear them for several hours at a time but not all day.

The first find is the Uggs I have now, and I’ve grabbed some other finds that are like what I'm lookin for. I'd love to hear what boots and/or brands have worked for you.

I just found this posting from a year ago and it looks like it has lots of good idea so I'll start by studying it....https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....nter-boots

one other thing...I live in New England so NYC will be a little warmer by comparison..and boots of this description will get plenty of use at home.