I know I have posted about my foot issues before. Feeling VERY discouraged. Had surgery for plantar fascilitis several years ago that was pretty successful. However I have also developed Freiberg's Syndrome which causes burning (from the nerve) in ball of foot when I walk any long distance, i.e. Xmas shopping or exercising are 2 examples. Got new orthotics which work with my Brooks athletic shoes but when I put on my Birkenstock boots from last winter...the burning started again The Freibergs must be getting worse. I cannot walk over ice and snow with athletic shoes. Considering some New Balance boots I would order and walk around in the house...if they come in wide, Nordstroms on line chat said they cannot tell about that so will have to call N. Balance to find out. Is there anyone who has horrible foot issues and can make recommendations. I have tried Danskos, Munro among others and they are fine for i.e. work but when I need to walk for example more than an hour...I need my orthotics and STRONG arch support in a wide width shoe. Welcome any suggestions