Never quite recovered from the demise of the Leith track pants. I did have Anthro joggers that quit working after awhile.
I love zip hems for some reason. I tried some more upscale, slimmer joggers (Find 1-2) but the rise and fit were not right, though the fabrics are nicer, so, not keepers. Also, too hot for heading into summer right now.

So have got these joggers. from Free People (find 3) . I admit to not shopping exhaustively --there are a LOT of jogger styles out there but hard to evaluate not IRL.

You have to make peace with Wrayon that Wrinkles, though so far these are not too wrinkly, less than the Anthros were. They are VERY high-waisted, and just a bit lower would have been more flexible,so I almost feel they don't do tuck-in well except with similar solid color tops or maybe the soft stars or stripes. Too high for semi-tuck. The color is listed as a gray, but it's warmish with some subtle khaki mottling, which actually works well for summer colors for me.

This is a very casual pant, but I hope I can wear them somewhat "smartened up" (not truly dressy) or for lounging, and it is a comfortable fabric for summer, so is why I was willing to try them during pandemic.

#1 is WIW for a recent socially distant brief activity, so, worn "out".
The rest are try-ons with different tops and shoes. EF ankle strap shoes might be for "smart". I think looks a little less baggy IRL than the photos (haha) due to how the camera angle works. Sneakers or comfort loafers. # 6 would be loungewear type outfit, untucked boxier top; also # 7 would be home-only, if I keep the top, which is a cropped Tee I am looking at--I never do cropped, but in the photo, my hand shows where the waistband comes up to. If I were to wear this top, I am tempted to size up again because I would not want any shrinkage, but OTOH I do not want oversized or it would be too much like #6.

I do not think this is so much "on trend" as it is part of my own enduring style.

Comments or suggestions on styling and proportions welcome.

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