Hi All, is there anyone else out there with a painfully restricted work dress code that kills their dressing creativity not only at work, but spills over into "fun" event dressing as well?

I'm a chemist. I love being a chemist, but some days the safety restrictive dress code really drags me down. Shoes that cover your whole foot. Pants always, unless skirts/dresses are ankle length. ID tags gotta be visible. Nothing you couldn't bear to lose in case of a lab accident (yes, I have ruined pieces of clothing in minor incidents in the past). Blazers/cardigans are a pain when you're putting on/taking off a lab coat 20 times a day.

The problem is, I've gotten so used to dressing for the lab, that when I'm not at work, I have a heck of a time putting together something fun and creative that would allow me some flexibility that I don't have at work.

Is this common for people who have restrictive dress codes, or is something wrong with me?