Yesterday I posted two blouses I was considering buying — they would both be for holiday wear but also work for dressy-casual/festive and sort of glam-casual wear (things I can wear to nicer art functions or out to dinner to dress up jeans without looking too overdone).

I took a good look at my closet when I got home. I do not lack for tops — far from it — but I have too many unworn button-front blouses and shirts, which I’ve had for years but feel too classic when I put them on now with jeans. I put two old favorites in my holding zone (neither has been worn in over two years) because the patterns and fit were still nice and someday maybe they’ll feel right again. I already put aside my old solid-color Equipment blouses to give to my niece (now in need of polished professional dress), but I kept the two patterned ones. Seems I have a weakness for getting rid of beloved patterned pieces.

Is it only me who is finding button-front styles looking “too classic”? The V-neck, slightly shaped (not oversized), untucked blouse I tried on yesterday seemed so much more modern to me.

Come to think of it, I’m not seeing many blouses in stores in button-front styles. The exception seems to be casual plaid shirts. Perhaps I’m not alone. Are any of you passing on old button-front shirts in favor of less fussy styles?