It's so funny but I have never in my life worn classic button down "shirt" type blouses. I've always found them too stiff, and prefer a more flowey feminine sillouette, but lately since I'm older, and trying to dress more "classic", I have purchased a couple in basic white, and one blush colored. I have to put some fabric softener to soften them up a bit, but I think they may look good worn with more of a feminine bottom, don't know exactly what yet. I have worn one of the white "shirts" which is long, like a tunic, over some black leggings, and I liked that look. I also have a big bust, (D), so I like shirts where the buttons stop around the middle of the breasts. Then I don't have to worry about gaping open buttons. I think material and cut is key. Brooks Brothers have a lovely white button down "shirt", but it has nice tapered darts, and the material is lovely.

I'm over most of my button downs, especially the classic ones. I have a casual lifestyle now; I want to have fun getting dressed in comfortable tops that are current and not fussy. I love that third piece and have grown weary of the demands stiff blouses with collars and button details put on my toppers.

Right there with you; haven't passed them all on yet, but am trying to figure it out. Went through a phase of silk blouses for nights out a few years ago, too. Have held on to those high quality pieces, though need to take a second look there. I did get a longer soft, fluid blouse in a print that works with many of my pants this fall.

Great topic.

Unlike you, I am a ruthless purger, and I have only one proper button-down in my closet at the moment. I love them, but I guess over the last few years, they did not see a lot wear, and I got rid of them, or did not replace them when got worn out.
It is my staunch belief that even when things come back, they are slightly different, and look just old. (unless it is proper vintage, and you enjoy that style, which I know that you don't necessarily). So let go and enjoy the new stuff in the stores and in your closet that float your boat right now.

I completely get this. There's definitely a move towards more interesting blouses lately, which is nice, although I've only acquired one so far. On the other hand, I don't think the "collar and cuffs" thing ever really goes away. So I'm probably with Greyscale on Team Buttondown. I'm not wearing them as much as I have in the past, but a white shirt under a black sweater is still working for me this winter.

the ladies you are in my world. I am a fan of the classic buttoned shirt I wear them every day I like it a lot I take great care I have a hard time getting rid of them if I do not put them over for a while they are folded and tidy I really like the classic style.

Krish - interesting observation about utility shirts vs regular shirts. I think the utility styling (with the front placket pockets) and softness of the fabric is why the chambray shirt feel more like “me”. It hadn’t occurred to me before, but I think this is why. Also, the detailing is more casual too, which is also more me.

I think I’ll look for a few other military/utility style shirts this spring. Thanks for your comment! It really resonated!

I never could fit so effortlessy in any stiff button downs-and do not have any. Tryed the softer flowy ones & they fit better but still never felt fab enough in them. Now I only use them left unbuttoned to layer over camis or tops to add interest like a softer, more casual version of a jacket. OTOH I do still love wowen but flowy tops-blouses with some detail on the neckline (added shine/gems/rufle) or patterned ones but slightly transparent for an intentional grinning over a matching cami. And love knits everything, of course.

Great observations, all!

Funny enough, the shirts that stayed in my closet have a bit more masculine style — cotton plaid or stripe, even though I’m not wearing them a ton. Something about the not so feminine vibe works for my casual style. Examples below are my Burberry plaid shirt and the white-and-pinstripe Vince one. And I kept my white shirts because they are the most versatile and do get some wear. But I passed on my Brooks Brothers crisp white shirt, nice as it is, because it feels too classic or stiff for me now. But the black velvet stays — I enjoy it in the winter for a bit of casual glam!

Also notable that I’m not buying expensive blouses these days — I’m indulging in a little trendiness from Zara, etc, knowing that I’ll probably move on from these styles after a couple of seasons.

It's so interesting to hear everyone's take on button front shirts. I don't like stiffer fabrics for button fronts, but softer a softer, silky, more feminine feel to the fabric. I prefer for them to have a pattern and tend towards a more masculine stripe. And I don't want boob pockets. What am I ever going to put in a pocket right on my chest? I don't need extra lumps and bumps there.

I gave up on button front shirts a very long time ago because they're just too hard to fit properly without more money spent on alterations than I spent on my most recent vehicle.

I am not feeling button-downs either, except for these two poly ones that I got from Express recently. They are sufficiently fluid, and the V neck is sufficiently deep, to fit with my boho glam style. But I can't imagine wearing any other button-downs. I have a button-down tunic in a lovely cobalt color that is feeling very ho-hum. But it is starting to develop holes around the waistline, so it is on its last legs anyway.

I find it interesting to read everyone`s reflections on button-ups and other tops. I have never worn button-ups because they are impossible to fit. I have a narrow torso and a larger bust. I also find the fabric too stiff on the shirts. I prefer softer fabric.
The exception is a chambray or denim shirt. For some reason, I can find lots of denim shirts that fit me. Lots.

SF, I have a couple of great chambray shirts -- I also like and wear casual plaid or patterned button-front shirts, which seem to fit a little looser and don't need ironing. It's the crisp ones and the dressier silk ones that are going unworn.

I will admit that classic button-front shirts can be difficult to wear. But on the other hand, they can look so crisp.

In some periods of my life, I have had many button-front shirts, and in others, none. At present, I have a few and love the ones I have. Earlier this year, I donated a few others and took the time to analyze why some button-fronts work for me while others don't. Now I know that mine need to be in a soft fabric, have a generous fit (especially at the shoulders) and preferably pockets. I want the first buttons to be open, but as V-neck lines don't look great on me, I need to soften the neckline by wearing either a necklace or a scarf in the neck opening.

In my present (winter) wardrobe, I have button-front shirts in solid pink, solid white, blue & white stripes, and blue & white checks.

By the way, I just read an interesting article by Brenda Kinsel about white shirts: