Coming back to try to refine my style rubric. (FYI the term originated in Shannon's thread as suggested by Rae:
I first posted about my rubric a month ago here:

Initially I came up with:
"Primary rubric
1. Ladylike--this is such a given in all my outfits that I wonder if it's even necessary?
2. Structure--fitted, waist definition
3. Pattern (I noticed that pretty much all of my outfits include a print of some kind, and often several!)
4. Luxe--polished, textured
5. Flair--at least one statement piece per outfit, classic piece with a twist, or secret or whimsical detail (this is my favorite part of the rubric!)

Secondary rubric (not all outfits will have all of these but usually will have at least one or two)
1. Color
2. Retro-inspired
3. Matchy matchy
5. UWP--tough elements mixed with ladylike"

But that gets a little too complicated to remember for day to day dressing! So here's my new attempt at my style rubric (I eliminated primary and secondary and am simplifying to just one short list):

Color or contrast
Matchy Matchy

I think these are the terms that work the most like a checklist for me to help me get dressed. Ladylike is out because, well, everything I wear is ladylike! So that doesn't help me narrow it down. I do like to wear luxe looking clothes, but not for the sake of being fancy or rich, and it's a bit hard to define, so it doesn't feel quite like the right term.

I love bright color so I thought that was a key addition to the rubric. But I do also like high contrast black and white outfits, so I made it an either/or (or sometimes both, like black/white/red). Plus I can also use contrast to mean juxtaposition (like tough and ladylike). I added Matchy Matchy, because I'm finding that I really like to have some sort of repetition in my outfit. I want everything to tie in together--for example, choosing a bag with teal accents in a handbag to match the teal in a bracelet. Or snakeskin bag and snakeskin pants plus dotty shirt and dotty bag. And sometimes I go all out with ultra matchy outfits, like three different chevron stripes (skirt, bag, shoes) or the Japanese floral pattern in dress, bag and coat lining. Pattern is a definite, because I rarely feel myself in an all solid outfit. And I would include textures and pattern mixing into that aspect of the rubric. I changed Structured to Fitted, because I really love fitted clothes and waist definition. Plus Fitted and Flair sounds like a pun on Fit and Flare so it's fun to say out loud! And Flair remains unchanged, because it's where I put all the fun things that make dressing exciting!

BTW, is it a little OCD that I arranged the terms in descending length order? It just looks better that way! LOL!

Here's the lineup of outfits from the last couple weeks. How did I do with my new style rubric--do my outfits reflect that list? Fun to see all my outfits together in kind of a mini-retrospective! I think today especially, I tried to make sure that my outfit followed the rubric. I certainly felt like my outfit today very much reflects my style. Did I succeed?

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