I'm having a dilemma here and wonder if you can help me. So I bought the black leather Munro Robyns during NAS and thought they would be the perfect black bootie for me given their high comfort. They got great reviews on the forum when I first brought them home and tried them out in the house here:

Admittedly they are very comfy and seem versatile. I've officially worn them out of the house once - week before last - see photo 1 below.

The problem is that I keep having this niggly feeling that they are skewing a bit too conservative for my tastes - and I think it's two things 1) the angled cut in the front and 2) the more narrow heel.

My preference these days seems to be for a blockier heel and a higher shaft. My DV booties (pic 4) are what I almost always default to when in doubt (ok it probably has a lot to do with better hair bookending).

In a perfect world I would duplicate the DV booties in black suede and call it a wrap. Problem is I got them at Winners 2-3 years ago. I really like the look of Una's TopShops as well as some Sam Edelmans.

Question 1) Does Nordstrom take returns if the shoe has been worn exactly once?

Question 2) What are your thoughts (if you've made it this far) given what you've seen of my wardrobe? And as much as I love collecting booties, I'm trying to really be mindful of getting the best bang for my buck...plus comfort.

I'm crossing the border within the week so am thinking of packing the Munros up and sending them back. Guess that is always the peril of NAS when you pull the trigger in the summer and then don't actually wear the stuff till fall rolls around (as Suz eloquently describes here): http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....g-mistakes

Thanks in advance for getting through my novel.

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