I think they look flattering. I love booties with dips in front, for that reason. But if you don't like the style, go ahead and avail yourself of Nordstrom's world-class service.

Jackie, what did you decide? I was just wearing the Robyns yesterday and they are so insanely comfortable.

I also bought the Robyn's at NAS, but I will be using them for business casual looks with trousers. For me they fill a hole for a comfortable, dressy bootie that will work with slacks for work. I wouldn't consider them a fun casual bootie, but more of a work shoe (for me anyway). I think it depends on your needs.

Hi Kerry - Ha! I still have them sitting in my entryway. We are having car problems so I'm not able to get anywhere near the border for awhile. Strangely enough I was wandering around the mall the other day, trying on all kinds of booties, Stuart Weitzman, Ecco, and other various brands. While in Ingledews I saw the Munros and picked them up thinking "hmm, nice boots." They definitely fit the hole of dressier boot. If I was back at work they'd be fantastic. In the meantime, they take up a nice spot beside the front door. We shall see