As in a previous post, I got some Rebecca Taylor pinstriped, slightly bootcut pants which work as a wardrobe essential for me. When I saw that there was a matching blazer, on sale and selling out of sizes, I ordered it to try before it would sell out.
I surprisingly liked the slightly puffed shoulders and thought the flared fit was good for my pear shape.

HOWEVER--now that I have the pants in rotation and have NOT cut tags on the blazer, I'm rethinking it. I know, as Suz points out, that photos foreshorten the look but the blazer seems a little long even for my pants look. In addition it is a dark suit look which overwhelms me, and I don't really NEED matching suits unless one is totally fab somehow and probably would be better in a "best color" (which alas, will probably never happen). Lastly, while I and some online reviewers were perplexed at the actual color, it is a very dark navy. That is fine/great for the pants, which go with all my darker "colors" in winter and with spring pale gray, blush, pinks--but it makes it much less likely-prob zippo- I will wear it as an unmatched blazer over black pants,and I have blazers I like better for jeans.

I showed a try-on pic though not very expertly styled. (I'm also about to cull the JC sweater which now feels too small, but I've held onto due to HEWI color in merino, but then I keep not wearing it. )

So, probably if any of you have read this far are rolling your eyes and wondering, duh, where's the question here? The answer seems obvious.
I am having my aha moment of, this is another item that may be okay but is NOT going to be either a wardrobe essential, a super statement piece, a necessary (interview, funeral!) piece, and I am preparing to release it back to Nordstrom. I just get those, "but it's a suit! I never can find a suit" goggles. I am Unfrumped and I have FOMO!

Can someone give me a swift kick and/or share similar decisions, or if feeling diabolical, play Devil's advocate!

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