The first Queen For One Day is veteran member Diana! Many of you are familiar with her unique and lovely style, accentuated by her incredible handknit creations. Here's a description in her own words to get you started.

The artistic eclectic – you like novelty and selectively choose fashion trends that tickle your fancy, often ignoring key looks that everyone else has latched onto. Your accessories are unconventional, and you always find creative ways of matching them with your ensemble.

I also have a bit of an urban streak and some boho tendencies, particularly in the summer. Somebody described some of my outfits as urban romantic at some point and I think this is a good secondary descriptor. (think flowers and lace tempered with black leather).

My favorite color is teal and my favorite neutral is black. I really like florals, particularly realistic ones, although I also have a soft spot for Liberty prints.

I think part of the fun of this for me is that it will be a fantasy exercise (As in, I'm not really shopping for anything in particular) so I'm not going to place any restrictions on price or practicality, although of course I reserve the right not to buy something that is thousands of dollars or has 5 inch heels. I would say my goal is to find inspiration, not necessarily to buy anything.

--pear shaped / figure 8 (high hips)
--REALLY short waisted
--long legs
--short neck
--on the short side (I am 5'3.5").

But I'm not fond of a lot of things that are conventionally flattering on people of my body type, like high waists and bombshell dresses.

Post your finds for Diana on this thread. Happy shopping!

Game rules here: