there is something about this dress that says Diana....I think the shape would work for her....and I like the color for her...its interesting and not mainstream, but not totally off the wall, which is how I think of her style.

Diana, I chose these sandals for you because they have an edge that I think will mix well with your more girly/flowery pieces. There is something about them that made me think of you the first time /I saw them.

I don't know if this is a color you would wear, Diana, but there is something about the bold JFE architectural shape, and the knod-to-handknit texture that makes me feel I could see you in this in Boston in the fall. The color would be amazing against your hair.

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I think our Diana could do something amazing with these shorts...

ETA: This dress in teal...

ETA: The dress for the colour, cool pattern, and cool neckline/sleeves. I realise the bottom part is too difficult... just wanted to say that, hehe

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I have no shopping to add but just wanted to comment that these are some amazing pieces! Diana, I think you're in trouble!!

Had a super busy morning today at work and am only now sitting down at the computer to reply to all you lovelies. (Although I did keep checking on this thread on my phone while doing my work!). This is SO FUN, and you guys know me so well. =) Seriously I could see myself wearing all of these things. I am going to try to reply to all of you separately, so this is going to be a loooong post!

Una, Ted Baker is always a winner! That print is incredible. I don't have the best luck with his fits, but a skirt is pretty much the easiest thing to fit…

Caro, Kiwigal, Ramya, Shevia, Deborah, Maneera: I want to especially thank you for introducing me to fantastic international designers. This is such an awesome result to come out of this game! Such gorgeous pieces, I only wish shipping/returns were easier!

Natalie and Aubergine, I noticed you both picked Escada pieces (and I love them both!). I haven't ever really looked at their stuff, but I'm going to start now!

Denise, I love the color scheme of those sandals! And the double ankle straps.

Columbine, the embroidery on that top is just gorgeous.

Greyscale, ooh that skirt would make a fantastic and unexpected formal ensemble.

Astrid, lace skull print Docs! So fantastic. I doubt they will fit my low-volume feet, sadly, but they are super cool.

Caro, now I really want a teal python jacket!

Kiwigal, that dress is killer. It even has my favorite trumpet hem skirt!

Natalie, I could definitely see you in the pieces you picked too. Asymmetrical seams and hemlines are some of my favorite things.

Diane, yay thanks for finding something for my short waist! The geometric print on that jacket is really striking.

Karie, love both toppers you picked (and of course the floral clutch too). I have actually been thinking about getting an olive topper of some sort…

Carla, you know me so well! I can't believe I don't own a peacock fascinator already actually.

Gryffin, you are right that I am always looking for interesting, comfortable footwear that I can wear with my crazier pieces. These would definitely work!

Ummlila, that Coach floral leather is goooorgeous. Thanks for the link to the shell too - you're right, a good open (but not too low) neckline top is hard to find.

Shevia, I remember looking at Imelda shoes when Suz came home with hers. I really wish shipping/returns were easier/less expensive. I LOVE the sandals you've linked.

Daria, I wear oxfords year round so these would be perfect.

Ramya, I could definitely see myself in that dress!

Aubergine, those booties are fab, and they look like a true summer-compatible bootie. I might have to go try these on!

Ann, I've looked at Namaste bags before! They have great colors and seem super practical and pretty.

Tex, ooh a lace vest would be great fun. I love the floral shift too - just my type of dress.

Deborah, I have been looking unsuccessfully for culottes. I wish I could get/try Metalicus here.

Meredith, that print is to die for. I am so sad I can't actually purchase it!

Peri, I love that top (you're right though, not with the matching skirt). I am actually craving seafoam things lately; I'm not sure it's the best color for me but I don't care.

Joy, I remember when Angie picked that jacket too! I love the shape and the gold zippers. Ted Baker jackets are almost always too long for me though.

Carter, I love the rose print!

Maneera, the color of that bag is gorgeous.

Kkards, that camel color is not one that I have a lot of but I do think it works for me. It's hard to find in retail!

Deb, your link is not working. Post it again? I want to see!

Vivian, I don't tend to wear tomato red but the shape and texture of that coat are awesome!

Rachy, I love the shorts! Where are they from?

When I think about Diana the first thing which comes to mind is "crazy floral pants" - so here we go:

- Ted Baker slim floral pants in exquisite orchid floral;
- Floral culottes by ASOS;

I thought of you Diana as soon as I saw these!

Sadly the shorts are sold out!

But they are/were the 18 & East 'Black Floral High Waisted Shorts'

OK, I went with the unconventional accessories too. And a quick disclaimer: I actually bought this bag for myself in Amsterdam last week, and immediately knew that I wanted to use it for your QFOD suggestion

I thought the almond blossom print would appeal to you (and the fact that it is an actual art print), the turquoise background is such a happy, fresh colour, and the colour blocking makes it extra impactful. It's unusual and quirky, which suits your style, methinks. It is roomy and super lightweight, which I know you also find important. I can see it work with so many pieces/outfits in your wardrobe, both the brights and darks you like to wear in Summer: fun to pattern mix with your Breton tee, or your fab floral print slip-on sneakers, great with your grey skinnies (in fact super fun with the outfit you just posted today), lovely with a bright-coloured (or black) Summer dress etc. etc.


OMG these are amazing suggestions and I am seeing many things I would add to my wardrobe. Looks like another benefit here is learning where our styles overlap with members who don't seem like obvious matches.

I found two - I hope that's okay. Knitted, diagonal lines that remind me of your hand-knits mod, short sleeved topper, also a knit

OK Diana, I have no clue why the link will not work properly but here is a link to them on pinterest.

I'm going on instinct alone here, with no real explanation behind it other than ....colour, it's handmade (an Etsy find) , and just cool. I could see it with the acid green handmade fine gauge knit asymmetric tunic of Diana's , and some black bottoms......

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Ooh, I am late to the party, but these two pieces (TOGETHER!) are perfect in my eyes for Diana. The cut and length of the dress combined with it colour, and the drape and leather of the jacket all say "Diana" to me.

Just so you all know, there is no rule about responding within the day a QFOD post is made! For now I will be doing one a week so you have plenty of time to shop and to post more than one item since Diana was okay with that.

Diana, Metalicus do ship to the states and shipping is very reasonable. I actually have those culottes so if I can provide any further info, please just ask. And if you ever want anything from Australia, I would be very happy to assist. xx

Diana, here is my attempt - "feminine urban" describes perfectly the impression you've always made on me! I had a top picked out, but when I put the clippings together, I actually thought the t-shirt shown would work really well too. This was really fun!

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When I saw that Diana was QFOD, I thought of Liberty prints and fun shoes. Then I found this pair of Liberty print sneakers, and thought they deserved to be posted.

Now, I think they would be MORE Diana if they were Doc Martens, and just had to see if such a thing existed. So I ended up collecting two more. My favorites for Diana are the black boots with Victorian flowers. I think they capture her style well

I know you like MZ Wallace bags, Diana. I think this one may belong in your collection.

Also, I think these pants look really cool and I could see you in them. Maybe you'll get them so I can enjoy them vicariously!

I would like those Doc Martens that Astrid posted!

I have my items picked but need to get on a regular computer to put them in finds and link to them.

Dear Diana, I wanted you to have a fun but practical shoe to go with all these lovely florals and your blacks. I'm cheating a bit here, because Find #1 is a shoe I own and I love it, and Find #2 is on my wish list. But I picked #3 just for you

I love some of the beautiful and unique handbags some have found for you on this thread. I wonder if you would like the designer Chemical Wedding?

Hey I love that MZ Wallace bag - it's in my finds! And love the teal shoes.

Diana, I think you need a pair of Trippen shoes. I rather fancy these silver Marlene sandals for you.

Oh my goodness, the fantastic and drool-worthy selections keep on coming! I know I said I wasn't shopping for anything in particular, but I don't think my wallet is going to come out of this unscathed. By the way, I am making a collection of all of the available items here in Finds to refer back to.

Sveta and Donna, you were both on the same page with the floral pants! Sveta, I have been looking for flared culottes like that! And Donna, I hadn't seen those BR pants yet. The silk looks divine.

Inge, I love Van Gogh! That bag is fantastic.

Alasse, I love the knit dress! I have been meaning to make a summery one...

Deb, thanks for posting the shoes again. I love those!

Lisa, I looooove that balloon print! That type of vintagey, map-inspired prints are some of my favorites.

Echo, I actually have a very similar jacket! The teal dress is gorgeous, it reminds me of a Nanette Lepore one that unfortunately didn't fit me right. I'm not sure I can justify buying another fancy dress but if I do that one is definitely a contender.

Torontogirl, I love the whole outfit you put together!

Amiable, yay! Liberty Docs! I wish the classic Docs fit me better... the red ones I own are a narrower cut with a heel and they are STILL too voluminous for me.

Sharan, I hadn't seen that MZ Wallace print yet. It's gorgeous! And the pants are fab. I returned the black silk EF pants I tried last year because I decided the fabric was too thin, so I am actually looking for some flowy black silk pants. I was actually thinking about ordering some other pants from COS, so I might have to drop these in my cart to try too! I wish they had a store in Boston.

Annabelle, I love all three pairs of 'vogs you posted! And I have not heard of Chemical Wedding, but I am definitely going to check them out now.

Approprio, I didn't know about Trippen shoes either! The ones you've posted are fantastic and they look comfy too! I could definitely see them working with a lot of my wardrobe and I'll check out their other styles too.

I don't have any suggestions (the few I've come across were already posted by more ambitious members than I) but I just wanted to say wow this is fun and we really do know each other's styles well

Diana let us know if (when) you buy any of these items!

This Clover Canyon dress could be worn as a tunic with jeans or leggings and boots

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Glad you liked them, Diana!
Yeah, Una, I stole the bag out of your Finds! And the pants are from Approprio's Finds.