Hi everyone! I've been very scarce for the last month or so but I have been reading blog and forum posts. (Angie, your "favorite outfits of 2015" was fabulous.) I'm writing because frankly, I'm looking for some help this year.

2015 was ultimately a pretty big shopping year for me. I completely updated my collection of booties and jeans, cornerstones of my wardrobe, and I weeded out unwanted knitwear and tops and made replacement purchases in both categories. Also a couple of dresses. The upshot is that when I look in my closet, things seem more robust than they have in a long time, and I love most of what I see. I would have a hard time finding things to consign. And if I counted, I know I have more items than I did a year ago. So I have plenty, and I have good things. As Carter would say, I have enough.

What do I need? Snow boots. That's really all that is on my list right now. (And I only need those because, when we cleaned out the house this summer, we apparently threw them out. But I digress.)

My problem is that I am a bit afraid of YLF and fashion blogs right now because I am still attracted to shiny new things, even though I don't need them and really don't want to buy them. I'm thinking I need a creative way to motivate myself to work with what I have much, much more aggressively -- because there is a lot there. The idea of "shop your closet" doesn't really resonate with me, I'm not sure why. Any wisdom out there? Any thoughts? Has anyone successful pushed back the shopping impulse without disappearing -- or is that the only way to do it?