Everything looks great!!

I love how you have imagined an image and then brought it to life. You look absolutely beautiful in all of these.

I love the textures in that last outfit!

So inspiring! The pearl strap is genius.
I want to do more layers in winter to use my woven fabric tops, so these give me ideas.

Thanks UF, CS, Shevia and Anne!

Your project is HUGE SUCCESS, Brooklyn! I love all the outfits. Outfit 4 with all the black is my personal favourite - wish I could wear it.

Adorable personal style. So many interesting details. My favourites are the pearl handbag strap, the white blouse with the lovely arms, the sophisticated floral skirt, the fun fingerless gloves, the layered necklaces, and the elegant colour combos.

This project is so wonderful! I'm loving watching it unfold and the cohesion is really giving me ideas on how to improve my eclectic wardrobe I think, looking for themes...
Everything is gorgeous.

Aw, thanks Jenni. I am enjoying the process myself and starting to think I need a theme for Spring/Summer. It’s just around the corner.

Thanks the Cat. I think this project has taught me that it’s the small details that can really change/freshen up a look.

Thanks for the enthusiasm Katerina. You are my brooch inspiration!