Such a fun outfit and tribute! Love the sweater!

I adore this outfit! I love the story about your sweater and bag. The joy this sweater gives you seems to light the outfit from within!

Suntiger - thankyou!

Suz - I love the sweater too and glad it is not overwhelming on me - which was something that I was a bit worried about when ordering it.

Firecracker - DH is a lovely and generous person. I think he and my son just could not resist getting me the Radley wallet given the leaping dog looks so much like our Westie Margot.

This is possibly my favourite of all your outfits Bijou! Your signature cheery colours, with just enough cheek. YLF!!

I love this post so much! I knew it would be about this particular sweater, and I love it on you, Bijou. What a sweet holiday gift - and you wear it spectacularly well.

Also, thanks for Janet for the intro to Katie Sturino who I am now following on IG. She's amazing.

Helena - well I probably could not go wrong copying Diana's style!

Viva - I had not heard of Katie either, she is someone who most definitely has FUN with fashion.

I remember when Diana originally wore this sweater! Loved it then and it really looks cute on you. Great styling.

I love this outfit! I remember when Princess Diana wore that sweater. It was perfect for her.

Robin - it is amazing how long ago it was when Diana wore this sweater!

Style Fan - I love this sweater too. Most of what Diana wore would not be practical for my lifestyle - so this is a nice piece to own and enjoy.