Jane's post and the responses to it have resonated with me because I too would like to make 2019 the year when I up my game at work.

I have changed my role at work and need to be more client facing, representing my firm on a regular basis. Recently I had a significant meeting with an important client and decided to buy a new suit - one that made me feel my best.

Rather than purchasing a black, navy or grey suit (something I would have been much more likely to do prior to joining YLF) I thought I would try to get something in colour. Although having said that, a very smart navy suit is on my list of desirable 2019 acquisitions.

I bought a Chanel inspired apricot tweed suit. As I was walking down the street from my hotel to the office where the meeting was held, I got stopped by a girl who told me how much she loved my outfit, what a confidence booster!

I also purchased a pink blazer and black and white skirt as well. I was lucky because I bought all of these on sale - BUT - that was not the main criteria. They are by an Australian designer Carla Zampatti who manufactures locally as well. Her clothing is expensive but having had some items designed by her for 15 years and still going strong, I decided that it would be OK to pay a bit more and add these into my collection.

Photo 1 & 2 - Chanel inspired suit - Carla Zampatti Channeling Coco Range
Photo 3 t& 4 - Black knit with black and white brocade skirt.
Photo 5 & 6 - same skirt but with pink blazer and with a lilac knit (but black works well too)
Photo 7 & 8 - Christmas day dress - the weather was warm at 33C. I will wear this dress to work, just with a cropped blazer to keep it looking corporate.

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