HELLO. I just got back - in time for elections, although I cannot vote. 

I went to the Netherlands for 6 days to see my Dad, and to London for three to see my brother and his family. I spent a lot of quality time with my darling 84 year old Dad, who lives alone. He's in Velp, which is the quaintest little town in the Eastern part of the Netherlands (close to the German border). Its prettiness and coziness blows me away each time I visit. I love it there, and so does my Papa. The pics of the territorial views are from my Papa's apartment.

Inge came to visit from Antwerp and the three of us had a Killer time! We yakked, walked, ate and watched tele together. VERY fun. My Papa adored Inge, as I knew he would. How can you not! Inge took my breath away in her new cobalt coat. She looked absolutely stunning. That coat has to be her best purchase of the year. 

I'm pleased to report that the travel capsule worked out perfectly. The only item I did not wear was the lightweight jacket I packed at the last minute (which isn't shown in the capsule pic) - just in case it got warmer. Well. It didn't! I also packed my beret at the last minute, and glad I did. My ears would have frozen otherwise. I needed my warm clothes and was happy as a clam. The feet were happy too. I walked 10,000 to 15,000 steps a day because that's how it goes when you live in Europe - you WALK. 

Here's a collection of pics from my trip which includes Inge and my family: Hugo (brother), Keri (SIL) and Seb (nephew). You'll see lots of selfies because I sent them to Greg and Sam daily (to make them feel they were with me too). You'll also see lots of food pics because our family does food in a big way. 

The vintage pic #20 is of my late Mama in the '70s. I LOVE that pic. But my Papa can't part with it, so I took a pic of the pic. 

#30, 31 and 32 are of the doctor's rooms. Only in the Netherlands would the doctor's rooms be sooooo colourful. No wonder I love to wear bright colours. It's in my genes. 

I had a wonderful time with my family, (Inge - you are family too). I also did some shopping in London, and will share what I got later. 

(ALL pics taken with my iPhone 6 Plus). 

Always good to be back home. Missed my boys terribly. xo