.........a color straight out of the Wizard of Oz.

My Spring/Summer wardrobe will feature navy, chambray and white, with doses of cobalt and black. I feel like an accent color (or 2) is in order.

I purchased the shoes below, and am considering the purchase of the blazer and am stalking the scarf, waiting for a sale.

I've been dubious --there is more orange in this red than the photo of either the shoes or jacket shows, and I've always worn a cool red. However, I like this fresh and trendy color, and I think it would pair nicely with my navy, chambray and white. Other options would be bright green or yellow , in place of the poppy red -- although I can only wear a cool green near my face, unless I want to look jaundiced!

These items are mostly classic, although the loafers do have a certain retro quality, and the cut of the jacket (nice detail in the back, not as long on me) would work over skirts as well as straight or wide leg pants. The scarf is prettier and softer in person, with a great retro floral.

Any suggestions? Reservations? Feedback?