Thanks for the info Suz! I'm 5'6" plus, with a long torso. What do you think?

Super fun Suz! A great way to work a poncho for you (and of course I am now pondering the top for me, too). I love the curved hemline, and yes that type of hem is flattering in a way similar to semi-tucking. I have a few tops with this hem and find exactly the same thing to be true. Extra fun with the cropped jeans and also good idea to crop 'em up. Make those clothes work for you! Too bad the vest is already pilling, it's a fabulous arty-lite piece for you.

Donna, for sure you could make this work. I have the sweater in small -- I am 5'4". Short waisted but long rise so overall an average torso length. I think medium would be plenty big for you.

Aida, I know -- it's a shame about the vest, eh? But I'm taking good care of it. One good thing -- it does "repair" pretty easily. (You know when you can draw the thread back into the fabric pretty well?)

So I just ordered it from Zara! Here's hoping! : )